10 Tips to Get Fit and Feel Great

Sometimes as Moms we tend to take care of those around us and not so much ourselves. We can probably all agree that eating right and getting some exercise weekly is important for our physical and emotional health. Here are some easy tips to get fit and feel great!

10 Tips to Get Fit and Feel Great

  • Make it a lifestyle change, not a diet or keep fit plan  Attitude is important!  It can dictate If you are going to succeed or fail. A diet can be short term, this should be an overall healthy change.


  • There is no ‘Miracle, get fit in 5 minutes’ solution Set yourself some targets but be aware that there is no sustainable ‘quick fix’. Reward yourself with a new top or get your nails done after several days/weeks of success.


  • It should start with a trip to the doctor  Have a check-up before you start any program of exercise or start changing your diet. Your physician can advise you if there are any health risks you need to be aware of.


  • Learn the greatest secret to better eating  Keep a food journal of what you eat/portion control is key.


  • Start to exercise… Gently! Slowly build up your stamina and look to take on more active exercise such as running, playing sports or going to the gym.


  • Exercise has to be something you love! Rather than exercise being something you ‘have to do’ it can be a social event, a high point of your week where you can relax and really enjoy something new. Try to make things fun and play with kids!


  • Track your successes  Tracking what you do can be very useful as it allows you to see how you are building up exercise. It is also good for those times when you slack to motivate you to work a little harder


  • Look after yourself, Remember to RICE! What is RICE?
    • Rest – rest the affected limb
    • Ice – use ice to reduce swelling
    • Compression – supports circulation
    •  Elevation – drains the lymphatic nodes

Under Pressure - The Science Behind Compression Garments


  • Agree what is ‘your perfection’  The most important thing for you is to be healthy and to be happy with your body image. I know as Moms we can be so hard on ourselves.


  • Don’t give up! Once you start getting fit, don’t give up. There will be days when you don’t want to exercise or you will not feel well, but don’t give up!! Stick with it and you will see results!

What are your best tips to get fit and be healthy?

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May 4, 2017
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