4 Easy Ways to Cut Back and Save Money Right Now

4 easy ways to save money right now

I have discovered a few easy ways to save money. By doing these, you too can save some extra cash!

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Our world is getting more expensive by the day, right? If you have kids then you can just kiss goodbye most of the money that you have. From sports fees, dance outfits, clothing, and school stuff life is just expensive!

Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks and even gotten some good advice from frugal friends so I wanted to share them with you too. I always love getting ideas to help save money.

4 easy ways to cut back and save money right now

Cut Cable

This might sound completely crazy but I’m not talking about doing away with it totally. There are so many products now that you can get to replace cable for a fraction of the cost. Some of these might be using a Firestick or Roku. Yes, you pay some monthly fees but they are so much cheaper than full cable.

In my house, we haven’t completely cut cable out but I did call around and find a better deal and switched! With a simple phone call, I was able to save over $60 a month and just with cable! I highly recommend this.


Consolidate Insurance

Have you looked at all of your insurance policies to make sure you don’t have too much? I didn’t discover this until I had spent years of being over-insured. We had multiple coverages of ourselves, house, and car on a few policies. We were able to consolidate and save over a $100 each month now!


Save on Groceries

I’m horrible at couponing. I’ve watched those extreme coupon shows and I just can’t do it. I hate the cutting and the saving. I seemed to never have the right coupon with me or when I did, it has expired. My new way to save is by using Ibotta. It works by an app on your phone and it’s super easy!


Switch Electric Companies

Do you know your current rates of electricity? A year ago I did not. I was just paying my monthly bill and going on my way with no realization that I was paying way too much! There are many ways you can check out your current rates and find something cheaper by calling around.

If you live in Texas, the good news is that Energy Ogre is here to help you save money and the best part? They do all of the work for you.

4 ways to cut back and save money right now

It takes just minutes to sign up and they get going to find you the cheapest rates to save you big money on your electricity bill.

I’ve been using Energy Ogre for over a year now and I cannot believe how much they have saved me. On average, I’m saving about $70 a month, sometimes I’m saving more depending on the current rates in Texas.

$10 per month to get the lowest priced electricity. It’s the smartest decision you’ll make this year. Get started now by using my referral link to help you save even more! Sign up Here. 

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March 7, 2018
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