4th of July Crafts

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It’s almost 4th of July so I thought I’d share a few fun, festive things! Here are some 4th of July fun crafts you can do with kids.


Red, White, and Blue Watercolor:

This is a fun one for any holiday or just for fun. All you need is a coffee filter and watercolors! I told my daughter to make it however she wanted for the 4th. The water can really make cool designs! She did about 5 of these and they are really neat to hang up in a window!

Fork Fireworks!

This was really fun and all you need is festive colored paint and a plastic fork. Dip the fork in one color paint and make fork prints. Then use another color paint on top to make it look like fireworks. We did add glitter at the end to make it fun. Because everything is better with glitter, right?? (Now I’m going to see glitter all over my table for the next month!)


Festive Wreath!

This wasn’t little kid friendly but an older kid would love to do this. The supplies were super easy to get. I ended up getting way too much fabric but that’s okay!
Here’s the final product! It looks cute and I’ll go back and add some more bling to it another time!


Festive Fruit

Last up, here’s a fun snack we made last year to ring in the 4th of friends. It’s super easy and yummy! Just cut up fruit and pile it all on a stick!
 Last year I made these white chocolate covered strawberries for a 4th party.
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What are your favorite 4th of July things??


July 2, 2014
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