5 Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids

benefits of dance classes for kids

People have been expressing themselves through dance since the beginning of time. Dancing plays a key role in many cultures, with various styles creating a diverse landscape of art through movement under one umbrella. Dance classes are a great way to get kids moving and to help them find and show their passion. Here are five benefits of dance classes for kids.

Thinking about putting your child into dance lessons? There are so many great reasons to do it! Check out these 5 Benefits of dance classes for kids.



Improves Confidence


It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of people and perform. In fact, there are plenty of adults who are unable to speak in front of an audience. Dance classes encourage children to become more confident in themselves from an early age, whether it’s a group of young ballerinas getting feedback from their instructor of a group of competitive hip hop dancers putting on their Just for Kix gear and competing against other talented dancers.


Dance classes teach children to get out of their comfort zone and be more confident in their skills and ability to show the world who they are.


Physical Activity


Dance is an incredible form of physical activity, that uses a combination of cardiovascular exercise as well as isometric holds and other muscle-strengthening movements. Furthermore, it assists in building balance and coordination, improving the development of gross motor skills in children.


According to recent statistics, only one in three children is physically active every day. For optimum health, it’s recommended that kids take part in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for at least an hour each day. As children spend much of their days sitting in school and modern parents are constantly at odds with mobile tech, dance classes are a great way to help kids get the exercise they need to thrive.




Dance classes are a great way to improve socialization and help children build social skills from an early age. This is especially important for children with a stay-at-home parent, who may not get the same opportunities to interact with other children at an early age.


By partaking in dance classes, children aren’t only learning valuable social skills, but they’re also learning the importance of working together toward a common goal. While many forms of dance have an individual focus, everyone must support one another to create a synchronized performance.

benefits of dance classes for kids

Listening and Concentration


In dance class, listening is essential. Children are put into a situation where their ability to listen to instruction has immediate, visible implications. They must also focus and concentrate on what they’re doing and the music being played as they attempt to follow the instruction. This is a valuable skill set that will carry over into all areas of their lives– most importantly, in their school career.


The improved listening and concentration skills end up helping your child develop better self-discipline and control. They’ll learn to move when they’re supposed to, pause when they aren’t, and pay attention to their surroundings.


Appreciation for the Arts


The arts shape the world around us. While science and technological advances make living on Earth more convenient and efficient, the arts fuel the soul. By enrolling your child in dance classes, you help them develop an appreciation for the creative process at an early age. Whether your child sticks with dance or moves onto writing, acting, or art, you’re building a foundation for cultural appreciation and self-expression.


There’s a reason dance has been around for millennia: it has both functional and recreational benefits. Putting your child in dance class can help them develop skills and passion to carry with them throughout their lives.


If dance classes are not for your kids maybe try team sports! Our kids love them!

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  1. I like that you said that by partaking in dance classes, children aren’t only learning valuable social skills, but they’re also learning the importance of working together toward a common goal. I am thinking about putting my daughter in dance classes because I think she would enjoy it and it would be good for her to have a more active hobby. I think it would also help her learn how to work better in a group which is something that I think would help her throughout the rest of her life.

  2. My daughter recently found her fondness for ballet. I’m thinking of enrolling her in ballet lessons to enhance her dance skills. You even shared that dance classes can help to develop socialization from a young age.

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