5 Things I have Learned Being A Preschool Teacher

I’ve just finished my very first year of teaching preschool!!!   I had lots of new learning to do and new lingo and phrases to catch on to. I’ve been in the education world for 16 years in the public setting so at least I’m familiar with the whole teaching thing, but starting off I was a total ‘newbie’ to preschool.   Here are 5 Things I Learned from Being a PreSchool Teacher.


Never Throw Anything Away

Like nothing. Old milk carton? Don’t toss it. Toilet paper roll? That would be perfect for my art station! Old cardboard? That’s great for the home living center. We do not throw anything away. Now I’m going through our recycling center at home and making a great stockpile for school!

Pinterest is My Best Friend

I thought I loved Pinterest until I became a pre-school teacher, then Pinterest became my  BFF. I think a pre-school teacher invented Pinterest. There are SO MANY GREAT IDEAS for Preschool on Pinterest. I don’t have enough time to do them all but I’ve got lots of preschool pins waiting for me to try!

There are No Secrets in PreSchool

The kids will tell you ANYTHING. Literally, anything that is on their mind they are telling me. It makes me wonder what my 3-year-old was telling his teachers, yikes!


The 4-Step Cleaning Process

Did you know there is a 4 step cleaning process to cleaning tables? W, ll there is and not only can I  do them all but probably in my sleep too! We are constantly cleaning up to keep germs away and keep us all safe. Who knew there were 4 different things to do when cleaning a table??!!


Who knew teaching 14 3 year old’s was going to be so much fun? Not me!! I’ve always been a teacher. For the last 16 years, I’ve been teaching but I’ve never had this much FUN! We sing – we dance, we laugh. It is pure fun. The kids LOVE school and they think everything we do is so much fun !


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