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I love reading “A Day in the Life” posts from other Moms. I think its fun to see what goes on day to day. I thought today would be a good day to do one for us so you can see what we did! There’s no ‘normal’ day but I’d say today was pretty boring for us. Since its the end of summer break I had so much fun just doing nothing with my kiddos and soaking in every second with them.

Friday, August 8, 2014
7:30 My wake up call is my 6 year old poking me in the back saying she’s hungry. We tell her to go rest for 15 more minutes… not a chance.

7:40 Next wake up call is the newly 16 mth old (Happy 16 mths today Buddy!) and he’s not happy. No chance he’s going to stop screaming until we go get him. I get up, give hugs and kisses then it’s straight to the high chair for breakfast. We’ve found he does much better if he eats before changing his night time diaper. He HATES diaper changes anyway and he’s usually starving so it works to feed him first.  For him its a whole wheat waffle, blueberries, and his milk.  She requests pb crackers and OJ.

Ramsey is doing so well just grazing on his breakfast so I decide to make some GAK with Gracie. She loves it and I already had the stuff. (See my Gak recipe here).

We actually had to do it 2 times b/c I kept adding too much Borax. It’s not a huge problem it just makes it thicker. So the 2nd time was better.

She plays and he’s still lounging. When he’s in his high chair it’s usually his happiest time. He’s getting food and not whining! Win, win. He does request down so after a diaper change he’s ready to go.  He’s a new walker (at 15 mths!) and just loves toddling around the house. He still falls frequently but gets right up again on his own and toddles some more. I decide today is going to be pj day and declare we should have family fun at home! Yea for summer!! We don’t have anything on the agenda today (very rare) so it’s the perfect pj day. No complaints out of the kids. My 6 yr old would wear pj’s to school if we let her. She LOVES her some pj’s! I clean up the kitchen while the kids wander around.

Play time! In between playing with kids I’m taking pictures to document and start a few loads of laundry. Rams LOVES to play with blocks and sort them with the shape shorter on top. He needs help sometimes but is getting really good at it. He loves for us to dump out the blocks then put the lid on and he’ll sit there and short the shapes! So funny!

If I’m in the kitchen, then this guy is in the kitchen. I let him get into a cabinet (his favorite thing to do!) and he had a ball playing with these plastic plates. They made a lot of noise on the tile floor and he just thought that was the most fun. Notice his small yellow train on the top shelf? He’s always leaving us toys in random places!

After some more play time Ramsey started crashing. We’ve really been trying to get him down to just one afternoon nap and sometimes he can but today was HARD. I ended up putting him down and just letting him sleep 45 min. He was not happy! While he napped G did some playing with Barbies and I worked/finished a Shutterfly Book. I started lunch and then woke up a very grumpy Ramsey 🙁

11:15 LUNCH! (My husband’s favorite meal of the day for some reason). We have leftovers and the kids have some corn dogs. G is not happy with hers and meanwhile Ramsey scarfs his down and loves him some ketchup!

Lunch is over! I set the kids free to play while I tend to the mess in the kitchen. I feel like all I do is prep for a meal then clean it up, and repeat….

I get the itch to clean up and try to switch some furniture around but I don’t like it so I switch it again. Hubby is watching kids while I go crazy and end up cleaning out our computer desk and throw away zillions of papers. (recycle papers, that is!)

Kids play around and mostly follow me. R wants in this cute little desk my Dad found for us and we call it the time out chair b/c look at his face! He is making the perfect ‘sad’ face even though he liked the chair!

Somehow we make it to the afternoon and it’s rest time. R usually naps about 3 hours which is glorious. G worked on bracelets and colored. She also got to watch some tv for quiet time. Ramsey had other plans and decided to not nap very well today. He’s getting some new molars and I just know it’s bothering him. Not himself at all. He slept maybe an hour. I put up with enough crying and finally rescued him from his bed. He had a small snack then he was off walking around again.

He is a total blur in pictures because he’s on the go! A short time later we did go to my Mom’s house for a quick visit. He walked around the house there. We decided to get an early dinner at Chickfil-a.

We had our early dinner (around 5:30ish) and then bath time for Ramsey. He was about ready for bed!!

Cuddles with Sister on the couch before bed. There was a Disney special on with the Little Mermaid 2. She was so happy. He could care less about tv right now and that’s fine by me! He just likes being where she is.  We got him to bed early (around 6:45) since he didn’t nap and at 7 there was a knock at our door. He wasn’t asleep yet so he started screaming his head off. It happened to be a lady driving by and saw a stray dog and asked if it was ours. This dog happens to be our neighbors and he gets out pretty often. He was across the street so we tried to get him.

He was attempting to keep up with his sister who was full speed ahead. We couldn’t get the dog  but luckily he made it home safely later. This was around 7 and it was still 98-100 degrees out. Scorching hot.

Finally the kids make it to bed. She gets to stay up later so she got to finish her movie and then books in bed with Mommy. He finally crashed and slept all night. 

I always do one last check on my babies before bed. Making sure they are okay. I’m so thankful to see them sleeping peacefully.

Once the house is sort of picked up I’m about ready to crash myself!! Hubby and I are watching Breaking Bad on Netflix so we try to get in 1-2 episodes a night. We are almost done and I can’t wait!!

What a day, uhh? It sure was a fun/uneventful day. I know I will be thankful later on in life to have these documented days so I can remember all the fun we had at this stage in life.  Thanks for stopping by!

August 12, 2014
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