A Fantasy Football Wife

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I’m not just a Mom.  I’m not just a blogger. And I’m not just any wife.  I’m a Fantasy Football wife!  

This is my 9th year to participate in my husband’s Fantasy Football league (he’s the Commissioner).  My team name is Sugar & Spice!  And despite solid efforts by my Dad and my husband to teach me stuff, I know nothing about football.  But that’s the beauty of the Xtreme Fantasy Football League (XFFL). It’s about 30% knowledge and 70% luck.  

Our league is made up of family and friends, most of whom we rarely get to see anymore. Every year, we come together again to compete, and it’s literally the glue holding all of us together.  Most of these friends we met about 10 years ago.  Since then, several of the then single members of the group have gotten married to one another, and most of us have had kids.  

Our lives have changed dramatically from 10 years ago, and we can no longer see these friends on a regular basis. Or even annually, in some cases.  But, through the magic of ESPN online, we come together for XFFL!

I try to give it my best effort, but you won’t see me pouring over the free agents’ list, player cards or projections during the week.  I do remember in my first and second year, I really gave it my all. I studied, and tried to make educated decisions about my line-up each week. Then, I got married. Then, I got pregnant.  Then, I started to forget to set my line-up.  Then, I told Oliver that he really should consider replacing me with someone who is competitive and passionate about it.  (I don’t have a competitive bone in my body.)  I tell him that every single year, but he wants to keep me in the league. Awww…how sweet…

My husband is normally not addicted to the Internet – not at all – but lately…well, let’s just say I can see his competitive drive kicking in for XFFL 2014.  He wants to win!  And I must admit, I do open the “Fantasy Cast” live scoring from time to time to see how my match-up is fairing. 

See?  A non-competitive, non-athletic, Mommy of 2 (and a half) can participate in this worldwide crazy sensation known as Fantasy Football.  

And to those of you who are not participating, but your husband is… I’m guessing you now feel like a Fantasy Football Widow.  Just remember, the competitive outlet might be good for your husband.  Men are wired to have drive and to be warriors and fighters!  They don’t get to exercise those traits much after a certain age, or when the priority at home is the kids. So, go ahead and let him obsess over it for a few months.  You’ll get him back.  

Happy NFL season to you!

September 18, 2014
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    We are all football fanatics around here. Can u explain to me hkw this works so that bew season we can do this. Happymomhappylife

    March 10, 2015 at 4:27 pm
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