A Quick DIY Snack Trap

 I’m all about finding ways to make my daughter more independent. One thing she’s always asking for is a snack. She knows where the pantry is but a lot of times she needs help getting something down. I tried making her own little shelf of snacks but that didn’t work. One night while doing laundry I had an idea. I wanted to make something for the door with easy access to some snacks. This is what gave me my inspiration.


A year or so ago I did this to our laundry room door for cleaning supplies/trash bags, ect. It’s worked great and I love all the little slots for different things. Plus it keeps baby brother out of cleaning stuff. All it is is a plastic over the door shoe organizer. It’s perfect for this kind of stuff!! So I wanted something like it but not as big. I didn’t need that many slots. I grabbed my scissors and went to work. By simply cutting off the bottom 2 rows I made a perfect snack holder!

I ended up having to use some pretty strong holding command strips to keep the liner up on my pantry door. I tried using Velcro but the heaviness of the snacks made it fall down. The command strips were really easy to put on and they come off easily with out leaving marks on the door! 

 I got little Miss
to help me. She LOVES when she thinks she’s really
helping Mommy! This was so fun and easy for her. I gave her the snack
bowl and let her fill up her snack snack pack. I also gave her some
baggies to fill up with goldfish and other small treats for her and
Brother. She might have eaten a few while working!

Here’s the final version all set. I labeled our snacks too so you can see. Some other ideas I’ll fill in here are organic popcorn, veggie stick chips, dried fruit, pretzel sticks. The list goes on! At first I didn’t think much would fit but it does hold more than I thought.

                                                Happy Snacking!                     

June 20, 2014
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