A Sweet Pairing Date Night at Home & Giveaway!

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Ghirardelli Chocolate. Opinions are ours.

Fellow Moms, if you enjoy a glass of wine and some chocolate, this one’s for you!!  Daily Momtivity has received a fun opportunity from Josh Cellar’s wine and Ghirardelli chocolates, and it all ends with an AWESOME giveaway that you don’t want to miss!

#asweetpairing #spon

What do you and your Love like to do for Valentine’s Day?  Some friends of mine like to make a reservation somewhere really special, and they definitely expect to receive a delivery of a dozen long-stemmed roses, complete with heart-shaped box of chocolates and a teddy bear.

Here at Daily Momtivity, our husbands are lucky.  We’re very easy-going gals.  We love a nice, relaxing HOME DATE any time of year.  There’s no pressure about where to go, how much to spend, or what to wear.  Get the kids to bed (or out of the house), and then change the typical evening routine so that it’s focused simply on spending quality time together.  Make a nice dinner, grab a glass of wine and turn down the lights.  Watch a movie, play a board game, read to each other or simply talk.  (Imagine that…really talking to one another at the end of a long day?  Doesn’t always happen in our homes!)

I might advise steering away from the usual yoga pants and messy bun, at least… It’s date night, after all.

A date night at home is exactly what I did with my sweet hubby this past weekend. We fed our kids, put them to bed, and then had a fun evening, just the two of us!

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Thanks to Josh Cellar’s wine and yummy Ghirardelli Chocolates, a date night at home can be a delicious treat!


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We know life can get pretty busy when you have young children. Having a date night can be hard to manage. If you can’t seem to do a full date night, have a date happy hour! After a long week of work and kids, I treated my husband and myself to some nice wine and chocolates for a happy hour. The kids were busy watching a show and we had a chance to catch up and unwind (and prepare for the weekend!).  Time with your husband or loved one doesn’t have to be a big to-do.  It’s quality over quantity in my book 🙂

#asweetpairing #spon

Now for the deets about our GIVEAWAY!  We are giving away 2 pre-paid $75 American Express Gift Cards!!  What a fun Valentine treat!  2 lucky winners will be chosen on February 13th. Enter below and Good Luck!

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  1. We haven’t decided how we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. More than likely, it will either be a nice dinner at home or at one of our favorite restaurants.

    1. It can be tricky to find a table on V-Day. Some people are really good about making a reservation weeks in advance, but I never think about it until it’s too late! Whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy it!

  2. Awesome! Great giveaway! I plan on spending Valentine’s Day at home with my bestie! We may try to cook something romantic, and I think we decided to do something homemade for each other. We’ve been celebrating all month. 😉

    1. Oh goodness… Yes, once you have kids, life doesn’t stop for Valentine’s Day, does it? But cheer up, because I believe the next day is Presidents Day and it might be a work/school holiday (it’s a school holiday where I live). So stay up a little later Sunday for some quality Mommmy and Daddy time!

  3. My husband and I started a tradition of a homemade spaghetti dinner date at home on Valentines Day when we were dating. This year I’ll be visiting my parents on the 14thbso we’ll have a Skype spaghetti dinner date just like we did for the first time 6 years ago.

    1. It doesn’t have to be major to be special. My husband offered to play a board game with me (something I love, but he hates) and to give me a shoulder massage (also not his fave thing). I consider that to be romantic! Have a nice time!

    1. Sounds fun! My husband and I just watched The War Room (about marriage). It was good! Whatever you watch, have fun!

    1. That’s great! I’ve always thought a fondue restaurant would be fun on a family date. Or one if those hibachi grills where they cook in front if you.

  4. We always go to the Italian Restaurant where my husband asked me to marry him. Nothing fancy, Just a Mom and Pop place but we love it. Oh and we share a bottle of Chianti wine!

  5. We have yet to make plan’s for Valentine’s Day. We are discussing a plan to make a gourmet dinner together, with music and wine. We have done this before on one of our date nights and it was fun 🙂

  6. After 27 years of marriage, we try to switch it up every year to keep it fresh! 🙂 One year we will dine out and go somewhere special, other years we have a candlelit dinner and dancing in. 🙂

    1. I love that you dance together! And that you make an effort to make special moments together. Happy Valentine’s to you!

  7. We have 3 kids. We’ll be making dinner at home and celebrating with the kids. We’ll have a family game night!

  8. A quiet meal with some good red wine and Ghirardelli Chocolates would rock. Of course I would make the meal too.

  9. Unfortunately my wife has to work so it will be me and the kids, a boys only day. We will go to the movies after lunch and out to eat for dinner at their favorite place…Qdoba!

  10. Oh I will be watching my precious little grandson and let the kids go out! We are going to make Valentines day treats and play some games!

    1. Oh you are such a blessing to watch your grandson while his parents go out!!!!! Your support is a gift straight from the Lord!!

  11. I will be spending it at home with my hubby – I’m thinking takeout and a movie will be in order.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  12. It’s actually our anniversary of when we first met and started dating 18 years ago. So we will be getting massages together, dinner and a movie

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