Advantages of Being a Stay At Home Mom

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Last Fall when school started up I wrote about Advantages of Being a Working Mom to try and stay positive with my current situation. I blogged about how I balance it all to make things work. I also wanted to show other Moms that even though it can be a sad and hard thing, there are some advantages! This school year I’ve had a change of jobs. I’m still teaching but not in the public setting so I have more time at home with my kids. I also have way less of a pay check!!! But after weighing the benefits, my husband and I both felt it was a need for me to be home more with our children while they were still young. In a few more years my littlest will be off to kinder and things will change again. I love being able to stay home a little more with my kids. Here are some advantages to being a stay at home mom.

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*Less Stress: Let’s face it, when Moms work there is stress. No matter what the job is things come up with work and it causes stress on the entire family. There are still stressors that come up but there is no WORK stress! For me, this is huge. All the teachers understand!

*Not Paying Anyone to Watch My Kids: If you work and have kids then the reality is that you have to pay someone to watch them. It’s easier when the kids get older and are in school but any kids under 5 you’re paying for. Daycare is a huge chunk of change. When you stay at home, you don’t need a daycare provider!!

*Time: This is huge. Time! I have time to do things now. I have time with my kids. I have time to go to the store, run errands, and do other things. When you work you have to really plan things out but now that I’m off I have more freedom with time and it’s wonderful.

*Present: I can be here with my kids. I am more aware of what’s going on and can spend quality time with them. During the school year it’s very hard to keep a good balance on every plate that is spinning above me. I love being able to fully focus on my kids and family.

*Flexibility: A friend that needs help watching her daughter? No problem. Taking my daughter to camp? I can do it! Not working means more flexibility to do the things I’m never able to do during the year when I’m working every day.

I realize that everyone’s situation is different. I know staying at home all day with kids is not a walk in the park. Whatever your situation is, try and make the most of it and it always helps to get advice/help from other Moms!

Are you a Stay at Home Mom or a Working Mom?

Real advantages for being a Stay at Home Mom, from a Mom that has done both stay at home and work outside the home!

November 7, 2016
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