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Have you signed up at How Does She? If not, then you need to! There are tons of free printables (after signing up). I chose to get emails, so I get the printables sent right to my inbox!  Recently I downloaded the After School Questions  and Dinner Questions.

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I love this idea! After school I’m always probing my daughter about what she did and we get the same boring answers back. This is a great way to get better answers from them. I cut the questions out and put everything in a glass jar. I keep it close to my daughter’s backpack. I simply pull out a few questions and ask away!

These are great conversation starters that can help you talk with your kids. You need to know what’s going on at school. They’re gone for 7 hours and a lot happens during their day. Use these printables to encourage them to share! Make sure you try out the dinner conversation questions too.


August 24, 2015
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