Argan Oil Natural Remedies That Can Help Your Family

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Parents want what’s best for their family. One of the best ways to ensure a happy, healthy home environment is to reduce exposure to chemicals and toxins by making simple product swaps. Argan oil is one of the natural substitutes for chemicals that modern parents are flocking to.

Argan oil, natural remedies for your family

Known primarily for its numerous beauty applications, argan oil is sourced from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree. It also has numerous health applications as well. Here are some of the natural remedies argan oil can be used for in families.

Dry Skin and Eczema


Dry skin is an affliction that can affect everyone in the family, especially during the winter months. To prevent dry, cracked hands, using argan oils as a moisturizer can be very effective. The light oil absorbs quickly, helping it work faster and preventing a greasy residue that will end up everywhere throughout your home.


Eczema often starts to present like dry skin but becomes substantially worse. This condition can develop into skin abrasions and blisters, causing painful hot spots that can cause your family members stress and a loss of confidence. Applying a pure argan oil from brands like Argan Oil Shop can treat eczema without causing further irritation that sometimes occurs as a result of additives in creams and lotions.


Joint Pain and Inflammation


Whether you have an elderly relative living with you or you get sore after doing yard work all weekend, argan oil can help. The light texture and anti-inflammatory properties make argan oil a great component for muscle rub. For a large scale massage, mix the argan oil with a carrier oil that will help distribute it across the skin. For smaller, spot-treatments, blend the argan oil with peppermint oil or apply alone.


The result of using argan oil is two-fold. First and foremost, the oil itself is good for your skin and joints. Secondly, the act of rubbing a well-lubricated area increases blood flow to the area, which promotes healing.

Argan Oil, Natural remedies

Treating Sunburns


Everyone makes the mistake of forgetting to reapply sunscreen on a hot day. Perhaps your child was swimming for a while and the sunscreen you use couldn’t withstand their activities. Whatever the case may be, sunburns are painful and uncomfortable, but argan oil can help.


It’s important to understand how sunburns work. It takes time for the inflammation to really settle into the skin and it could be hours after sun exposure before the extent of the burn makes itself known. During that time period, focus on applying aloe rather than oil. After giving the burn time to settle, applying argan oil can help nourish the skin and promote repair. Using argan oil can speed up the healing time and reduce the damage done by the sun.


Pest Deterrent


Argan oil is often used as an alternative to chemical-laden insect repellent. It works especially well when blended with another pure essential oils that bugs loathe, such as lemongrass or tea tree oil. If you end up with bug bites after a weekend spent outside, applying argan oil to the area can help reduce inflammation, as well as pain and itching.


Argan oil is a powerful tool to have in your natural remedy repertoire. Look for a brand that supplies pure oil with no additives for the best results.

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May 17, 2019
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