Avoid Halloween Chaos

avoid Halloween chaos

I love Halloween but because the actual trick or treating falls on one night it can be pretty crazy. Here are my tips to avoid Halloween chaos and enjoy the time with your kids.

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I like to avoid Halloween chaos at all costs. Halloween is always pretty hectic and full of excitement but with these ideas you will be able skip the craziness and have some fun yourself.

Keep Costumes Simple

I don’t let my kids go all out. Even though I love all things Halloween we keep the costumes cute and simple. They always wear comfy tennis shoes because we’ll be doing tons of walking. They usually don’t wear masks or anything that requires too much for me to fix them up the day of. One year my daughter was a zombie and I did have to spray her hair and put on some make up but it was simple. I didn’t go nuts especially because Halloween usually falls on a school night.

avoid Halloween chaos

Plan Ahead for Dinner

You have to feed the kids dinner, right? Well why not feed them something they love and something that is easy for you with Red Baron Pizza.  One Halloween I got so busy with that I didn’t plan dinner and my kids were starving and going nuts right before it was time to go out trick or treating. It was such a disaster. I was trying to cook and the kids were running around- it was a mess. I vowed never to do this again. Now I keep dinner on Halloween night pizza night and it’s something we look forward to every year.

avoid Halloween chaos

Red Baron comes in 11 different flavors and can be found at your local grocery store in the freezer section.  It has a crispy, bubbly, golden brown crust that is so delicious. It’s also less than $5 for a pizza!

Avoid Halloween Caos

I love that it is ready in a few minutes and dinner on Halloween night is done! This makes everyone so happy!

Be Prepared

I always bring some extra essentials the night of trick or treating for the kids (or adults!) so to make sure we have necessities. Here are some things I try and bring with me:

  • bandaids
  • flashlights
  • glowsticks (these are always a hit after dark!)
  • wipes
  • extra bag or sack for a broken candy bucket (someone’s bucket always seems to break!)
  • water (the kids are always so thirsty!!) There is one house by us that gives out a juice box and I think it’s a great idea!!

avoid halloween chaos

Do you have any tips to avoid Halloween chaos?

Be sure and pick up a Red Baron Pizza for your Halloween meal this year to make it a great Halloween night! Find a Red Baron at a store near you! 

avoid Halloween chaos

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