All the Baby Essentials You Need in the Beginning

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When you have a first baby you are probably overwhelmed with all the cool baby devices and products that are in the stores. There seems to be a product or service for every thing you might need for a baby! You might want every single thing out there because it’s fun and cute but trust me, you can survive on a just a few basic baby and toddler essentials! Every experienced Moms usually has or had a favorite product so these are my favorite baby and toddler essentials to get you through.

*Bouncer: A bouncy chair is a vibrating chair you can sit a baby in after a feeding or even to sleep in.  Nothing fancy but I think a bouncy chair is really important for a baby. Especially after you feed the baby, a nice bouncer is a great option to set the baby in. My youngest had terrible acid reflux and he needed to be upright all the time. A bouncer saved us and he slept in one for the first 3 months of his life!!

*Snap and Go Stroller: The big fancy strollers with all the bells and whistles sure are nice but really do you want to lug that big that around? Probably not. A simple snap and go stroller will serve it’s purpose and be far less expensive and do a great job! A snap and go is a stroller you snap the infant carrier onto a stroller base. It’s great! I used one around our house to push my baby around in to help ease his colic nights!



*Pacifier/Lovies: You might not be a big fan of the pacifier but let me just tell you they were life savers for me. Both of my kids loved them and helped soothe them when they were infants. I’d give a baby a pacifier any day over sucking their thumb! My kids also both loved little lovies, or small blanket stuffed animals with their names on them. My 3 year old still sleeps with his lovie!!

*Books: Reading to your baby is so important. We always had several soft books that made noise or the pages crinkled. Babies love the noises and there are so many benefits to read to a baby!


*Wipes: Wipes are MUCH NEEDED. They would be #1 on my list!  I never thought I would need so many wipes. Even though my kids are potty trained I still use wipes! I have recently found the best wipes at my local Walgreens, WaterWipes. WaterWipes are great because they are chemical free and only contain 2 ingredients, 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.  They are durable and such a great wipe option to use on your little ones.

My youngest has very sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with products I use on him. WaterWipes are perfect for him. We use them every day and his skin is left soft and not irritated at all.


WaterWipes are by far my favorite wipe I have ever used. I don’t have any babies anymore but I used WaterWipes when potty training my youngest this summer and still carry WaterWipes with me in my purse and car. I love to use them to wash hands when we don’t have a sink near by and they are great wipes to use to clean off bathroom and kitchen counters. I have been using WaterWipes for so many things, not just on baby bottoms!

The best wipes around!

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Baby Essentials for New and Experiened Parents

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