Baby Poop (and other things that derail your day)

baby poopWe learn early on in our parenting journey that our schedule – actually, our entire life in general – is no longer our own once we have children.  You know how it is – you wake up feeling organized and ready to tackle the 12 things on your list.  You’re feeling like a Superhero as you prepare breakfast, zip up lunch boxes, respond to 3 emails, and start a load of laundry…just a few of the many things you’ve done before 7 AM this morning.  You’re ready to head to that PTA meeting you’ve been swearing you’d attend at least once this year.

Then, it happens.  Baby poop.  Everywhere.  Up his back, out the sides and on YOUR shirt.  Okay, I can handle this. Let’s change the baby, change my shirt, throw the changing pad cover into the wash, and get back on schedule.

Then, it happens.  Your 4 year old is super sad because she can’t find the library book she got at Pre-K yesterday (something she was very proud of because going to the library at school is something her big sister does at big school).  Alright, must-stop-everything and find this book so that she will cease the overly dramatic response to the missing book.  Alright, got it.  Let’s move on.

Fast forward to Noon.  We’re rockin’ and rollin’ and having a great day.  We’ve got an appointment at Home Depot later about our new entry door.  I’ve already rescheduled this twice, so I can’t wait to check this off my list.  But what’s that in my baby’s eye?  It’s crusty, pink and leaking.  It doesn’t look right, and it’s getting worse.  On the off chance that it’s Conjunctivitis, we better call the Pediatrician and run up there.  Bummer.  This is obviously more important than my meeting at Home Depot, but now I’ve got to put that off – again.

I know you can relate to this.most important work

If it isn’t baby poop foiling your plans, it’s temper tantrums.  Or doctor’s appointments.  Or meetings at school.  Or Saturday kid activities.  Or a last-minute science fair project your kids just told you about.  Or baby poop again.

It’s tempting to feel frustrated or resentful that your whole life seems to be controlled by the needs of your children. Until you quickly remind yourself that meeting the needs of your children is actually the very best thing about your whole life.  What a privilege it is to wipe their little noses, read them to sleep and take them out for special fun outings.  Scheduling check-ups, teaching them to share, disciplining them for poor behavior, snuggling them after a fall…it’s such an honor to be in charge of these little people who need us.  Because they really do NEED us.  They fully rely on us to stop everything and deal with their baby poop.

It’s completely natural to feel frustrated when your schedule gets derailed and all heck breaks loose.  It would be nice to be in control of every moment of the day.  But I will try to stop and thank God once again for allowing me to be the Mom to these precious little people.  If you’ve ever wondered what your purpose in life is, don’t forget to count this significant job as a part of that.  It’s an incredible purpose, raising children.


P.S.  By the way, in an effort to find a funny picture or quote about baby poop, I googled “Baby Poop”.  I don’t recommend googling these words EVER.  Now I’m left with the question, “Why did all these people upload actual pictures of their baby’s bowels??”  This is right up there with googling rashes of any kind.  Never a good idea.


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  1. This ! Thank you for the laugh but also for the reminder that what we do for our kids is so important. And yes, googling things can be dangerous.

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