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5 tips to be a more productive Mom

Mommying isn’t easy right? It’s no joke when someone tells you that your life will completely change after kids. Even though the first few years are difficult it can be even more of a challenge when kids are older in years. Trying to balance work, school, and Mom-life is tricky.

Lucky for you I have years of experience in this ever-changing world. Over the years, I’ve developed a few routines and tricks that have helped me in more ways than one. Here are 5 tips to be a more productive Mom.

5 Tips to help you be more productive as a Mom #momlife #productive #momtips

5 Tips to Be a More Productive Mom

Make a dinner plan. 

This is one of my best tips and so easily missed. A way to be more productive is to be prepared. The easiest way to be prepared is to have a plan for dinner. Trust me. For a super easy dinner try my lazy lasagna! It’s a family favorite.

The school day ends fast and then it’s on to homework and afterschool activities. The most stressful afternoons and evenings we’ve had revolved around searching for something for dinner.  Everyone gets hangry- fast.

Figure out a plan that works better for you. You can meal plan for the week or bi-weekly. You can play around with some different ideas just have a plan!

I have a long-running list of our favorite meals.  We all like tacos and spaghetti with meatballs. We have these 2 meals on a regular basis (and a few others) that are easy to pull from. I make sure I have the makings for these on my grocery list.

5 tips to be a more productive Mom

Get Help

This can go with the one above but it’s important to get some help. Don’t do everything alone or think you have to because you are now ‘Mom’.

What are some ways you can get help? For one, hit the easy button and do grocery pick up.  This is my easiest and favorite thing to do. I was doing this for years before COVID and it’s a huge lifesaver and time saver. I simply make a list using my phone and plug in things we need, schedule a pickup, and done! My favorite places for grocery pick up are Walmart and Sam’s Club. Walmart remembers me when I log in and shows my regular items to make it even easier when ordering.

Another way to get help? Look around town or ask friends if they know a Mommy helper. This can be a huge lifesaver. A Mommy helper can be a Grandparent or even an older teen neighborhood girl to come over and help for a few hours a week to play with your kids while you do other things.

If you are lucky enough to stay home look for a Mother’s Day Out program at a nearby church. This is good for both of you and will give you a few hours a week to yourself- Glorious!!

Let some Stuff Go

Life isn’t going to be perfect. There are going to be some hard days! It’s best to keep low priorities and expectations. You cannot be Type A and make it all year long. Choose your battles (especially with the kids) and know that tomorrow is a new day.

Try to get done the necessities and then the extras can slide. Making a list of must-do’s for the day can be helpful so you will feel more accomplished and not overwhelmed.

Stop spinning your wheels and learn to relax a little. After all, time goes by so fast! You want your kids to remember happy memories, not ones where you ran around like a crazy person.

5 tips to be a more productive Mom


This is another big tip- delegate! You are a family and families need to work together. Carve some time aside every week and have a family meeting or talk about how everyone can help. Start off with simple chores like bed making and/or cleaning up around the house.

By delegating a few tasks you will have a little more free time to do other things.

Plus, your house is lived in by the family- the family should all work together to help keep it tidy.

5 tips to be a more productive Mom

Be A Little Selfish

On this last tip, it’s something I have learned slowly but it’s so important. Simply put, you need to take some time for yourself- be a little selfish and don’t think twice.

When you can, go get your nails or hair fixed. When money is tight (trust me, I know this!!) go to Sonic Happy Hour yourself and get a fun drink.

It is so very important to have some time for yourself to catch up and just breathe!! My husband loves to go to the gym when he can. That’s his thing. At first, I sort of resented him for all the time he took away but then I realized how much he needed it.  But guess what? I need time too! I take walks, listen to podcasts, or do the Sonic way.

Have young kids at home? Take some time during their much-needed nap time and sit outside or read a good book.  Find something that works and stick to it!

It’s the little things but definitely take some time to yourself to refresh and refocus. It’s not going to hurt anyone but yourself if you don’t!

All of the above tips are working for me (when I do them!) What are your best Mom tips??? How do you stay productive?

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