Bell Pepper Stuffed Tacos

bell pepper stuffed tacos

These bell pepper stuffed tacos are so delicious you will won’t even miss the old taco shells!

We love taco night around here. We usually have some form of taco night weekly mostly because my kids love it and it’s pretty easy.  I can make a batch of taco meat (I always use turkey meat!) and then we can have a yummy taco salad or easily make some of our favorites like kid-friendly frito pie or taco skillet meal.

I decided to try something a little healthier and dish the crunchy shells and try some bell peppers. My kids both actually love peppers, especially the little crunch ones you dip in homemade greek yogurt ranch! 

I took a little risk with these bell pepper stuffed tacos just because with kids changing up the routine is risky, right? I knew with my daughter she’d be all for it. I was worried about my youngest and even my husband. He likes things the same 🙂

My favorite thing about bell peppers are the colors. The colors are so fun and really the prices are not bad either. I love all the flavors but you can certainly choose just what you like best.  Since this was my first time, I ended up just getting the orange bell peppers.

bell pepper stuffed tacos

For prep what you need to do is: 

  • Make your taco meat as you normally would.
  • While that’s cooking, wash your bell peppers and cut the tops off and clean the inside out as best as you can leaving it like a bowl. You will be putting the taco meat inside. Try and get all the seeds out!
  • If your peppers don’t stand up on their own, you might need to slice a little off the bottom to make it stand up better.
  • Line a baking sheet and heat oven to 350
  • Once meat is fully cooked and oven is heated, carefully stuff your peppers with the taco meat and top with cheddar cheese (cheese is optional)
  • Bake in the oven 10-12 minutes or until cheese is fully melted. Peppers should turn slightly brown and be a little soft.

Bell Pepper Stuffed Tacos makes the perfect meal for taco night!

Top peppers with any remaining toppings like lettuce, tomato, and any other of your favorite taco toppings. If you don’t like melted cheese you can also add cheese at this time.

Since I used a large bell pepper, I was able to split this in half and my kids each ate a half of one and had plenty to eat. Of course, they still eat chips because we cannot eat any form of tacos without chips! I had one leftover and had it the next day and it was still delicious. Don’t you just love when you have a yummy leftover lunch? I do!

Do you think your family would can forgo the shells and try these bell pepper stuffed tacos?

bell pepper stuffed tacos

September 13, 2018
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