Book Ideas for A Beginning Reader

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Book ideas for beginning readers

Have a reader on your hands? Check out this list of books for beginning readers. 

My youngest LOVES to read and I’m so thankful. I definitely attribute it to me making a point to read to him every single night- even when I’m tired!

Book ideas for beginning readers

Trust me- there have been times when I’ve wanted to skip and he’s begged me to read. How can you say no when a child wants to read or listen to a story.

Thankfully, with all of my years as a teacher, I do know some things about books. I saved a bunch of my favorites but we’ve also discovered several more that we are loving!

Book Ideas for Beginning to Early Fluent Readers

What Are the Stages of Reading?

Emergent: Most Kinder kids come in on an emergent reading stage. Kids are able to put basic CVC words together (Consonant-Vowel-Consent like Tom, Sam, Tub, Sit, Bet) Students are at a very beginning stage of reading. Starfall is a great reading program that will help progress reading. Level 1 books are great (I Can Read Books) stage 1.

Early: This level can be for Kinder and 1st grade (even some 2nd grade). Kids are able to recognize more words but are still slow with fluency. This would be level 2 for the I Can Read Books.

Early Fluent: This type of reader can put together longer sentences and read more words. This stage is around 2nd grade and even some 3rd grade. They are in the beginning stages of becoming more fluent. This could be stage 3 books for the I Can Read books.

Book ideas for beginning readers

Fluent: A fluent reader can read without sounding like a robot. They can read chapter books (and understand!) and read more as we talk- not word for word. Usually, a child becomes a fluent reader in the upper elementary grades.

Do your kids not like to read? Try these tips on how to encourage reading. 

It’s good to note that easier books are not bad for a reader. Reading things at a lower level really helps with fluency and that’s a great thing!

How about some book ideas for these new readers? I’ve mentioned the “I Can Read Books”, these are a great starting point. There are SO many including Pete the Cat, Charlie the Ranch Dog, Danny & the Dinosaur, and Little Critter.  Dr. Suess books are also great since they are mostly short vowel words repeated over and over. Piggy and Elephant were a family favorite. They are so cute and funny.

What about when your child develops a little more and is moving past the leveled reader but not ready for full-on chapter books? What should you get for your early fluent reader?

Books for Early Fluent Readers

books for early fluent readers

The Bad Guys: This is a great selection for boys and girls that are at an early fluent reading level. It’s a beginning chapter book with 1-2 sentences on a page. There are also lots of visuals. There are at least 9 books in the series so you will have several to choose from.

These books are by Aaron Blabey who also writes all the Pig the Pug books!

books for early fluent readers

Narwhal Books: These books are so cute and fun for beginning readers. They are similar to Bad Guys where there is a lot of pictures and 1-2 sentences. The writing is very funny and easy to understand. These are by Dav Pilkey who is a very successful writer of so many books!


books for early fluent readers

Boris Books: These books are super cute and fun. They are easy readers but also short chapter books. Lots of pictures to help tell the story.

books for early fluent readers

Dog Man: This is a highly recommended series that is super funny. It’s very much a comic book type reader so it’s very small print underneath tiny photos. This is a great series to try to help get kids engaged or liking a book but it’s not my favorite. I’m not a huge fan of comic book type books.


books for early fluent readers

Kung Pow Chicken Books: These are very entertaining books but more words on the pages. I would make sure the child is already an independent reader or read these out loud. They are funny and silly so kids usually like them!


books for early fluent readers

Dragon Books: This is yet another series by Dav Pilkey but more equipped for early readers. There are several books in the series and they are short and sweet.

Book ideas for beginning readers

Nate The Great Books: I love-love these books. I used to read them to my students for years. They are very easy to follow and so fun.

One thing we do weekly is to visit our library to get books! Our library is slowly starting to open but we are still getting books through the pick-up system. Ahead of time, I reserve books through an app. I can also request a book bundle. I will tell the librarian the level and age and they choose 6-8 books on that level. It’s been great!

Do you have a great idea for a book series for a beginning reader?

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  • Reply Aileen

    My son LOVES the Bad Guys series. It is what got him reading chapter books and gave him the love for reading. He has read every single one – including number 11 that was just released. He convinced me to buy it for him since the library was moving slowly to get it. Thank you for the list of recommendations. ❤️

    October 8, 2020 at 10:41 am
    • Reply Shannon

      Yes! We love Bad Guys too. They are so funny!!

      October 9, 2020 at 9:20 am

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