Boredum Buster: Easy Art Projects for Kids!

In between swimming and movies this summer, my kids need other stimulation.  Art is a great choice!  I’m only motivated by simple projects that don’t require too many supplies.  I don’t mind getting out the paint and making a little mess, however. Here are a few simple and fun ideas that I’m sure your kids will enjoy.

Easy Art projects kids will love to do

Paint Your Age
Last summer, for under $5, my little one had fun painting a number 2 (her age), entirely by herself, no rules!  She loved the final result, and it is proudly displayed on a bookshelf in her room.  I bought the number at Hobby Lobby, but you could also just cut a number out of cardboard if you want to save yourself the trip. I used regular washable paint, not watercolors.

Preschooler Poster Board
Little ones are pretty easy to please.  Last week I gave my preschooler one large white poster board (50 cents, dollar store), some crayons and markers, and said “Draw anything you want…the whole poster is just for you!”  And she loved it!  She drew 2 giant faces and a rainbow, then turned it over to continue expressing herself.  Something about a poster board was just way more fun than plain old paper!  I displayed her poster above the mantle for a week.

Easy Circle Painting Art
I found the following project online, and I can’t wait to try it with my girls.  I discovered it on Pinterest, of course, but the original source is a blog called The Moffatt Girls.

Materials Needed:
* Black tempera paint
*A circle cup of some sort (I used a small plastic cup)
*Heavy cardstock paper or drawing paper

Instructions for the project are here.  Super easy, and the results are so beautiful!

Painting T-Shirts
I made many puff paint t-shirts when I was a kid!  And I’m here to tell you, it’s still fun!  My daughter and I made this one together when she was 4.   It’s fun, and it’s expressive.  I didn’t take over for her…I just let her do her own thing (except for writing her name).  Consider having a t-shirt painting play date with a couple of friends.  Just find some cardboard that you can slip into the shirt in the area that you plan to paint. Craft stores sell t-shirt shaped cardboard, but I usually just save some throughout the year that will fit inside.  Wait until the paint dries, and then remove the cardboard.  I use Scribbles brand paint, and it is not terribly messy.

Plain t-shirts are easy to find at craft stores.  In the case of this pink one (left), I actually bought a women’s slim fit size XS, instead of a kid’s shirt, and it fit her like a dress.  It was so cute with leggings!  She still wears it every once in awhile, even though it’s become worn and much shorter on her.

We have made several others shirts since then, including a spirit shirt for school, a pumpkin shirt for fall, and t-shirts for her boy cousins that said “My brother did it.”   Craft stores also have great iron-ons to add, such as glittery stars (which I used for the school spirit shirt), and iron-on rick rack ribbon.  I think it’s the most fun to let your kids design their own shirts, without any influence from Mom.  But, if you want some ideas for Mom-assisted shirts, how about one that says “I’m in _ grade! or “Kindergarten Rocks!” (whatever applies to you this year!)  Also, see my 2 samples below.


Spirit shirt for school with iron-on glitter stars
My daughter wore this to school for Teacher Appreciation Day at – her teacher cried she loved it so much!

Finally, I leave you with a link to, where there is a plethora of creative craft ideas for kids.  Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see a section with ideas for each age range (toddler, preschooler, school-age).
Have fun!
Easy and Fun Art Projects that kids will love!


July 18, 2014
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