Butterfly Snack Bags

Butterfly snack bags

These butterfly snack bags are a fun to make with kids and perfect to take on a picnic. They are even more delicious to eat. This is great to do in the spring when you can go outside and possibly see a butterfly!

When the weather is nice we love to go on walks and even picnics around here. It’s fun to take along a snack we can share or something the kids have made. These butterfly snack bags are the perfect idea to take on a nature walk or make after you talked about butterflies. They are easy to make and fun to do with kids.

Butterfly Snack Bags: An project and snack made by kids

I’m even share some of my favorite butterfly books I loved reading when I was teaching. Make sure you look below for those details!

Butterfly Snack Bags

  • Sandwich Size Baggies
  • Clothespins
  • googly eyes (you really need the smallest size you can find!)
  • pipe cleaner (cut down short) for antennas
  • Glue
  • 2 different snacks (this is where you can choose what you want!) Ideas include: goldfish, grapes, jellybeans, small oreos, cutie oranges, marshmallows, skittles, pretzels
  1. Have your kids paint the clothespins (this is a fun activity in itself!)
  2. Make your butterfly with the clothespin! Glue on googly eyes and add an antenna.
  3. Put one snack in on one side only.
  4. Carefully add the 2nd snack. I used my fingers to sort of block the middle.
  5. Seal the baggie and twist it in the middleButterfly snack bags
  6. Roll down the seals to tuck in if needed to make sure they stay sealed.
  7. Add the clothespin to make it a butterfly.

I will say, this took a little time to do. If I was doing this for an entire class more more than a few kids it would take awhile. Once I got the hang of it, it was fine but it might be something you want to do the night before. Don’t have your kids sit there staring at you while you do this.

Now for the best part, go on a nature walk or to the park and look for some butterflies and take along your adorable butterfly snack bag!

DIY Butterfly Snack Bags: A fun project and snack made by kids! Perfect to take on a picnic or to make for a small group or preschool class #butterflies #preschool

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