Kid Friendly Healthy Dinner Idea {CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders}

kid friendly healthy dinner idea CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders

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I am always looking for a good kid friendly healthy dinner idea. So many nights we have sports practices so making a full and in depth recipe just cannot happen. I need something fast but not fast food. Enter CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders. I can’t wait to tell you more about them.

kid friendly, healthy meal that is so easy to make! CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders

My kids are big chicken tender fans. It’s one thing that they both will eat. I love finding healthy shortcuts or tricks to make things they both like healthier. This one I have today is a total game changer and I don’t have to do anything but bake it! I’m talking all about CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders. You can find them at your local grocery store (I found mine at Walmart!). Let me tell more about about how they are a kid friendly healthy dinner idea!

Meet the New Chicken On the BlockĀ 

  • baked not fried
  • coating in cauliflower and other gluten free goodness
  • only 490 calories for the whole bag!!!
  • 86% less fat than any other chicken tender or nugget
  • available in original or spicy
  • made with premium chicken, all natural, raised with no antibiotics, cage free

kid friendly healthy dinner idea, CAULIPOWER Chicken TendersI mean, it just can’t get any easier for this Mom! This is about the easiest meal I can make that is also healthy and my kids LOVE them. I paired these with a few of my kids favorite sides and dinner was done. Easy and delicious.

My kids know things, they are smart too. My youngest can read now so he can read labels. He also knows his chicken tenders and he scarfed these down! He even asked for them in his lunch!!! MOM WIN!

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A delicious, tasty, and healthy kid-friendly meal that is so easy to make! CAULIPOWER chicken tenders that are baked, not fried! Only 490 calories for the whole darn bag! #ad

23 Replies to “Kid Friendly Healthy Dinner Idea {CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders}”

  1. It always amazes me to see how many options are out there for those looking to add more veggies into their diet. These cauliflower chicken tenders look delicious.

  2. New Chick On The Block is so clever, It looks really goo I’m sure are going to love this! Gets me hungry overtime I look at it.

  3. This sounds amazing! I am always looking for GF options. My daughter and I can not have wheat. I am so glad that as she gets older there is more and more options available for her.

    1. Yes! These would be perfect for her! I found them at Walmart but they are starting to pop up at other stores. Don’t forget the coupon!

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