Chocolate Candy Bark {Leftover Candy Idea}

Did your kids get tons of Halloween candy this week? Way too much candy!! I like to save our candy and use it throughout the year. Here is a great way to use your leftover candy, make chocolate candy bark. It’s great for any occasion and a great way to use up some of the leftover Halloween candy.


All you need to do is break apart some candy (leftover Halloween candy is perfect!!). Melt some white chocolate bakers chips. Spread the white chocolate on a lined with wax cookie sheet. Quickly sprinkle candy on top before the chocolate sets. Add sprinkles or whatever else you want. I had some leftover candy eyes from the Monster Krispy Treats we made last week. They eyes were a good addition!

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White chocolate candy bark

Set in freeze for 5 minutes for chocolate to set faster. After 5 minutes take it out and with a knife start breaking it into pieces. Don’t worry about getting nicely cut pieces! This chocolate candy bark is perfect in all different sizes. Store in an air tight container! Now try not to eat it all up in one night 🙂

What do you do with all your kids leftover Halloween candy?

Got leftover candy? Make this white chocolate candy bark! It's perfect to freeze and later on.

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