Under the Big Top: The Cirque Italia Event in DFW

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Cirque Italia

If you’ve seen the large blue tents set up around the DFW area it’s because the circus is in town! The Cirque Italia show is making it’s around the metroplex!We had a chance to see the show last week and it was a really fun show- fun for the whole family.

Thank you to Cirque Italia for sponsoring this post. They sent my family tickets for the show in exchange for this post.

This was the first time my youngest (almost 5) had seen any type of circus show before and he was so excited! When he saw that blue tent he knew we had arrived.

cirque italia

Once inside the tent, I had all the feels and smells of a real circus. There were circus foods to be bought and fun circus light up toys to get. The kids were excited for the show to start.

The participants were full of pure talent. We enjoyed all the acts and especially liked the jugglers and the funny clown type that came on in between acts. My 4-year-old was laughing out loud nearly the whole time or had his jaw open in amazement at the acts!

Cirque Italia

We were totally entertained the entire time and were amazed at how easy some of the people make it look, even though know it is not easy! Everything was so cool!

I feel like every seat would have been a good seat in the arena so you couldn’t go wrong with choosing a seat.

The Cirque Italia is a traveling circus so they spend their time going to locations all across the US!. We saw them in Hurst, but next, they are going to Grapevine and then Denton which are all pretty close together. Are they coming to a town near you?

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March 16, 2018
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