Cucumber Turkey Sliders

As a teacher and a busy Mom sometimes lunches are hit or miss. I like to take easy or make light lunches when I’m at home and these cucumber turkey sliders are super easy! They are also great for a snack idea too. If you are trying to watch your carbs or just want something new then be sure and try these cucumber turkey sliders for lunch soon!

Cucumber Turkey Sliders

Wash and slice up a cucumber

Sliced turkey

Cherry tomatoes  (sliced)

1 string cheese stick (optional)

Dijon Mustard (optional)

Toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together


Now just start with the cucumber on the bottom and start stacking as you wish. Top with a dab of the dijon mustard for a little extra flavor.

I can definitely see myself making these more over the summer too for lunch. Would your kids eat these? Mine would love a veggie version. Neither will eat lunch meat 🙁

The easiest snack or light lunch- cucumber turkey sliders


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