Dealing with an Anxious Child

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Tips on Dealing with an Anxious Child

When my daughter started kindergarten all our dreams came true for her. She attended an amazing school, she had an awesome teacher, and she made some wonderful friends.  She was way more outgoing than we thought she’d be. She had absolutely no problems at all (except liking to go socialize in the bathroom too much!).  The summer before 1st grade was smooth too. We swam almost every day and had lots of fun.

Tips on Dealing with an Anxious Child

About 1 week before school started, something changed in my daughter. She wasn’t excited about school starting. She became extra ‘clingy’ to me and she started having some sleeping issues. We thought it was just the anticipation of school and we dealt with these issues as best we knew how. School started and things didn’t get any worse, but they didn’t get any better either. She did start to like school but she seemed to be under pressure.   All the teachers were great and we didn’t really have many problems there. But the separation and anxiety were full blown at home. My daughter became a different child as soon as she greeted me at the playground. She did not want to stay and play anymore. She wanted to be next to me at all times at home. When my husband would be home, I’d need to run to the store and she’d have panic attacks because I was leaving. I’d go out with friends for a Mom’s Night Out, and she’d totally lose it. A good family friend took her bowling and she cried and asked to call me. What was happening to my poor child? Bedtime was not much better. Getting her to sleep was awful. She physically was not able to fall asleep. She would cry and cry and get out of bed 10,000 times. I was about to lose my mind! What was a Mom to do?

I finally realized and came to terms that she was experiencing some anxiety. It was only after realizing this and doing some research that we discovered a few tips and tricks that have worked for us. I am by no means an expert. I can only explain what we did/do to help ease the anxiety of my daughter.

*Make mental notes or write down behaviors your child is experiencing. Do the behaviors happen at school or home? Write it down and compare. You might be able to figure out the root of the anxiety.

*How much sleep is your child getting? Not enough? Try adding a sleeping machine or white noise.

*Talk to the Counselor at School or Dr: I did call the school counselor in our situation. She was able to talk to my daughter’s teachers and my daughter personally to discuss school. You never know if there is some kind of bullying going on our stress about school.

*Sugar:  Is your child eating too much sugar? Are they having dessert or a sweet treat right before bed? Too much sugar can keep your brain moving and you’ll have a hard time falling asleep. It’s better to limit the sugar intake during the day. Save it for a special treat!

*TV/Screen Time. Is your child watching too much tv? Limit the screen time, especially before bed. We started cutting back on her screen time. TV and games can be overstimulating. It’s hard for adults to go to bed with TV’s!

*Exercise: Make sure your child is getting some sort of physical exercise. Physical activity is good for the body. Try doing some yoga. I’ve been doing this with my daughter and she really likes it!

*Make their Room Nighttime Ready: We keep a very consistent routine at nighttime and that’s important. At bedtime it’s diffusing oils, books, sound machine, and lights out! I discovered the use of essential oils (like lavender) that help ease my daughter into a more peaceful sleep.

Now we’re almost at the end of 1st grade. We’re down to 40ish days and things are going much better. Maybe it’s the light at the end of the tunnel and summer is almost here?  Maybe she’s finally growing out of this ‘phase’?  All I know is that it’s been very rough and emotional. If your child does experience anxiety and after some trials it’s not any better I would encourage you to discuss this with your child’s Dr. Also, have some talks with your child. Don’t let this fester and get bigger. It’s better to stay on top of it!

Do you have any tips for calming kids that are anxious?


{9/2/15 Update: My daughter is now in week 2 of 2nd grade and so far things are going great! We tried to keep the start of school very minimal excitement. We (I) didn’t show any emotion to her other than being excited and telling her how much fun 2nd grade was going to be! We still do most of the above things on the list to keep things consistent. }



April 9, 2015
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