Decorating Pumpkins

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My school decided to have a first annual pumpkin decorating contest for the teachers. It was a little ‘team’ competiton where we had to have supplies ready to go and decorate a pumpkin within an hour. My team is a pretty large team so it took awhile to get a good idea everyone agreed on. On Wednesday during our staff meeting we got to work. One teacher on my team found the idea on pinterest (where else??). It looked so cute. It was a little more involved but it turned out to be really fun. Here’s my team’s finished product…   The Black Cats!

Now some of the other teams….

I totally LOVE this. Guess what? They used duct tape! So cute, right? The “M” stands for our school. I just love this and want it for my house!

See, teachers can have fun too!

Here are some simple Pinterest finds on decorating pumpkins..

My personal favorite!

No Carving creations. Very nice!!

I love the Mummy! So cute!!

My daughter’s lovely creation. She drew on the face and I carved .Notice the 4th of July gear? We did this on a super hot day. She’d actually been in the pool that day too! She did a pretty good job though 🙂

Happy Almost Pumpkin Day!!

October 30, 2014
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