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I wanted to share a little DIY project we just did to ‘spruce’ up my daughter’s room and make some better use of space. My daughter has many collectible dolls that are too nice to be in boxes. We need them on display. Dolls that are really for looks, not to play with, but still nice. She had a perfect wall that I knew a shelf would be great for.

After a Home Depot trip we had our supplies. Home Depot has these great
boards that are already painted and ready to go. We got a  6 foot board
for about $15. I know, I know, I could have bought a cheaper board, sanded, and painted myself. I took the easy road on this! The most expensive items were the wall trivets. Those we
painted pink, my daughter’s choice.  Total spent at Home Depot $40ish.

These were the trivets I got. I was obviously not paying attention at all because I got 2 the same and 1 that is different. And I had already spray painted it before I noticed. Oops. I couldn’t even use the one that was different because it was a totally different size. Owell. DIY FAIL!


After a little begging/pleading with my hubby to get the shelf in he finally caved and got started. He measured, found the studs, then got the shelf right in. It really only took about 30 minutes! Not bad. The final product.

Here’s one side… We actually ended up having my Mom come over and help decorate/place the dolls. She’s much better at that and really has a good eye for decorating!

This was a very simple and easy DIY project. I purchased, painted, and shelf was hung all in a few hours!



August 6, 2014
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