How We Dunk Our OREO Cookies

My kids are all about cookies. Cookies are their favorite sweet treat, especially OREO cookies! This week we had fun introducing our youngest family member on how to dunk OREO cookies into milk. He was so confused! Milk is his favorite beverage of choice and cookies are his dream snack. But dunking OREO cookies into milk? Has Mommy lost her mind? As soon as he tried it, though, he was hooked! So how do we dunk or OREOs? Come find out….

We entered the OREO cookie dunk challenge from Walmart for this fun project. See below for more details.

To get info on the Sweepstakes Rules visit:

First up is the single dunk. This is where you dip your OREO cookie one time into the cup full of delicious milk. It’s the basic dunk and pretty easy to follow.  It’s fun for Moms and Dads to get in on this single dunk action too! This dunk works great with the OREO thin cookies too.

Next up is the filling dunk. This is where you eat one layer of the OREO cookie then dunk the remaining cream and cookie into the milk. The milk really soaks up the cream and it melts in your mouth. This was followed by a big thumbs up! (This was his favorite!)

Finally, we have what we call “The Steal”. For this particular dunk, you have to be extra sneaky. Luckily for her, big sisters can be extremely sneaky. You wait until your little brother isn’t looking, then you dunk your oreo cookie into HIS milk. This dunk was by far her favorite dunk of all time 🙂  He has NO idea she’s stealing all of his milk. Lucky for him we had plenty of OREO cookies to go around and lots of milk to be had.

He has NO idea she’s stealing all of his milk. Lucky for him we had plenty of cookies to go around and lots of milk to be had.  After a few tears were wiped away it was all good!

We had so much fun practicing our dunks. How do you dunk your OREO cookies?

Right now at participating Walmart stores, you can show off your dunking style for a chance to win big! 40,000 finalists will have a chance to win and you could even win $2000!! Post your dunking technique anytime before 3/5 with  #OREODunkSweepstakes on Instagram and Twitter to enter to win! Read more about the sweepstakes and the official rules


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  1. I have fun memories dunking Oreo cookies with my children. It’s one of those timeless foods that you never get tired of eating. My family Oreo experience begin when my daughter was 4 years old and we where at the mall and one of my daughter got my attend on a promotion that Orego was having in the mall. Who could stack the most Orego without them falling. She Won and we been enjoying Orego ever since. Thanks for sharing.

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