Simple Easter Garland {Perfect Last Minute Decoration}

Simple Easter Garland

This Easter garland couldn’t be easier to make! It’s so easy you can even pull this off last minute and get the kids to help!

I have to admit, I didn’t create or come up with this Easter garland idea. I saw it on the Today show. I usually have the Today show on in the background on days when my youngest is at preK. This week they were showing last minute Easter decor ideas on Hoda and Kathy Lee and something made me stop work and watch. I’m so glad I did because I loved this idea!

Easter Garland Decoration

One of the best parts of this Easter garland is not only is it easy (because I like easy) but you can pretty much do this project for free if you already have some twine or string at home. While getting keys made this week we stopped by the paint section at the hardware store and got some paint samples. The colors were so pretty and perfect for Easter.

How to Make Your Easter Garland

  • A variety of paint sample colors
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • twine or string
  • pencil

simple easter garland

  1. First, I trimmed off the end of each sample. Mine had a pretty large white stripe at the bottom so that just needed a simple cut.
  2. Next, I cut each sample in half.
  3. Then using scissors and free handing I cut mine into eggs. Mine are not perfect at all. You can draw eggs on the back then cut but I chose not to. (easy button, I’m NOT TYPE A!)
  4. This next part can get the kids involved. They can help cut the eggs out (the step above!) and a hole punch!)
  5. Finally, string your eggs in a row tieing each one to keep it in place.

One tip: As you are stringing, try and get the eggs to be on the same side. I thought mine were all on the same side but when I went to hang it up some were flipped (#craftfail) So do it better than I did!).

Start to finish this would take about 30 minutes. It took me longer because in typical #momlife fashion I started about 8 minutes before my daughter was coming home then I had to get her a snack, pretend to hear about her lovely drama-filled day, and all that 4th-grade fun! So, it took me longer.

My kids both liked helping (as they could) and loved how it turned out.

On the Today show, they had it hanging on the table as a decor really cute for the kid’s table. You could hang it on the door, or window too.

Do you think your kids would help make this Easter garland?

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March 30, 2018
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