Easy Prep Crock-Pot Recipes

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I wish my Crock-Pot was this cute!

So the kids are back in school and we have our routine back.  I’ve kind of missed a routine. Summer spontaneity is fun, but it feels unorganized and chaotic after awhile.

Although school has begun, I know you’re still very busy.  You’re either:

a) busy with your baby/toddler/non-school aged children
b) working outside the home 
c) catching up on projects/chores around the house you didn’t have time to focus on this summer.  
d) a hundred other things…volunteering, carting kids to after school activities, helping with homework, running errands…

Whatever the case, you’re busy.  So let’s remember our dear friend the Crock-Pot.  Here are 2 family friendly recipes that are simple to pull together.  Because what good is a Crock-pot recipe if it requires a lot of prep work?  That’s not saving anyone any time!

Image from Creatingthroughlife.com

My family loves lasagna, and I stumbled upon this recipe tonight. True, you have to cook the beef (or ground turkey) beforehand, but otherwise it’s a breeze.

Crockin’ Lasagna

There are many variations of this out there, so you can shop around a bit if you want to see other recipes.

And how about a breakfast casserole recipe?  For fast-paced mornings, or breakfast-for-dinner nights.  Leave out the mushrooms if you’re not a fan.  Yummy! 

Breakfast Casserole

Where each of the above recipes are concerned, you can make healthy tweaks.  Ground turkey instead of beef…lean sausage or turkey bacon instead of regular sausage…light on the cheese… Up to you.  But I’m a believer that if you’re taking care of yourself otherwise, then using the full ingredients a couple of days a week won’t hurt anyone. Everything in moderation, right?  

August 27, 2014
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