Easy Tortilla Roll Ups

I’m always looking for easy lunch ideas for my family. It seems like my kids can be easy but sometimes picky about certain things. My youngest would eat a hot dog every day if I let him and my daughter hates hot dogs but would eat pb & j every day. What’s a mom to do? I was trying to figure out something they would both enjoy since the both like tortillas. After experimenting a little I came up with these easy tortilla roll ups! What’s great is that you can mix and change it up depending on what you have or your family likes.

Easy Tortilla Roll-Ups

  • Your favorite flour tortillas (fajita size or bigger)
  • Cream cheese spread (veggie flavored spread is the best!)
  • Any chopped veggies you like or your kids will eat. I used red bell peppers this time and they were great!
  • Deli meat or salami meat
  1. Place 1 tortilla on a plate and spread a good amount (like a lot!) of cheese spread on it make sure you cover the entire tortilla.
  2. Put any deli meat or diced veggies on the tortilla.
  3. Start on one end and roll to the other trying to get it as tight as you can.
  4. Leave it in a long roll and cover with wrap.
  5. Continue doing this with as many tortillas as you want to do. I did 6 for our lunch for my family of 4.
  6. Place the wrapped tortillas in the fridge for at least an hour. Longer is better.
  7. When you are ready to serve then take them out and cut the ends off to discard. Slice up the rest of the rolled up tortillas and serve with fruit or raw veggies!

These would be great served with my Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip! These would also be a great school lunch idea. I’m always looking for those. Do you think your kids would eat these tortilla roll-ups?



August 1, 2017
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