10 Family Friendly Fall Activities

Now that Fall is officially here it’s time to make the most of the changing season and do some fun activities with your family. Even though we don’t have a true ‘fall’ changing of colors here in Texas it usually means that our 100 degree temps are in the past and we can do some fun things outside. There are usually so many family friendly events being held in the fall so it’s just a matter of picking what you really want to do! Here are 10 family friendly fall activities you can do.


Paint Pumpkins: So much fun and let your kids be creative and free paint on pumpkins!

Bake Together: This is a great time to get dirty in the kitchen and bake. Have fun and learn a new recipe together.  Check out this awesome apple sauce recipe from Aileen Cooks!


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Visit a Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkin patches are so fun! Kids love them and you can get a pumpkin to decorate at home too.


Park Play date after School/Picnic: The weather is great for a picnic and park play date. Bring some dinner with these great picnic food ideas.

Fall Festival/Fair: So many churches and other places hold fall festivals this time of the year. Look in your area for fun and free events are always nice!


Fall Craft: There are so many fun crafts you can do. Check us out on Pinterest to get more ideas for Halloween/Fall

Trunk or Treat: Invite your neighborhood friends and decorate your trunk for a fun way to trick or treat with kids. It’s safer and so much fun!

Family Movie Night In: Get a Redbox and have a family night in. Eat dinner on the floor, picnic style. Your kids will love it!


Halloween Play date: Host a few friends over and make this special Halloween snack idea.

Get Family Pictures Taken: Get dressed up and have a friend take some family pictures. You’ll have some beautiful pictures to look back on this fun time.


What are you going to do this Fall with your family??

10 Family Friendly Fall Activities

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  1. We LOVE doing family movie nights! We have a reoccurring family date night on Fridays where we eat pizza and watch a movie together. Last week we watched E.T. – so much fun!

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