Fidgets for Kids

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fidgets for kids

Now that most of us are teaching from home I wanted to share some good options of fidgets for kids that I used in my classroom and with my personal kids. What exactly is a fidget and why is it beneficial? Read below to find out!

fidgets for kids

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There’s been a lot in the news lately about what is the best method of teaching kids. They are expected to sit and be quiet for 7 hours a day at school and complete their work on time. In reality, adults can’t even sit still that long. Kids need a chance to have a break, keep their hands/feet busy to keep their mind focused. Fidget boxes seem to do just that.

Some Ideas you might like for Fidgets for Kids! Try some of these in your homeschool to keep the kids on track with homework. Fidgets will keep their hands busy so their minds can continue working

What is a fidget?

A fidget is described as a tool to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening. Fidget toys come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. Examples include a koosh ball, silly puddy, slinky, and sensory balls.

Who is a fidget for?

It can be for any restless student that is needing a little break. It’s easy to point out the restless kids in the classrooms. The ones that are getting up out of their seat constantly, chewing or picking at pencils, tapping feet, or asking to go to the restroom over and over. A fidget can be for any student that needs a small ‘break’ to refocus.

How does a fidget help kids?

A fidget should be a quiet toy that a child can place in his/her hand. The fidget can help calm down a child that is upset and also help quiet a child’s mind so they can focus on the teacher. If used correctly, fidgets can help to escalate a behavior and also keep children engaged in their learning.  These are not just for the classroom! Fidgets can help at home too. They can help as you are doing homework, waiting in the Dr’s office, or a chance to wind down before bed. Fidgets can work for any students, no matter the age or ability!

fidgets for kids

I used fidgets in my classroom and saw amazing results with my students! They do have to be taught to be used correctly. You cannot just throw this box at them and expect good results. Fidget boxes work best if introduced in small increments, like one new fidget at a time. Fidgets don’t have to cost a lot of money either. Many of these can be purchased at your local grocery and big box stores.

An idea is to get a 2 minute timer and let your kids have a 2 minute break with the fidgets during their online school or homework time. This has been really helpful for us! I also let them use the fidgets while they are doing work. It helps keep their hands busy and mind focused.

These are some of my favorites all from Amazon.


The main thing is that you want a quiet that is not going to distract others. You might even find that you need a fidget for yourself! Here is a great starter pack I found on Amazon that comes with 24 items! 

fidgets for kids


Do you want to try making your own fidget at home? Here is a way to make a stress ball using water beads. It couldn’t be easier and is fun to make with your kids! fidgets for kids

What fidgets do you have at home and what do your kids like?

April 1, 2020
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