Five Helpful Tips for a Clutter Free Home

clutter free hom

George Bernard Shaw, a renowned Irish playwright, once said, “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” Indeed, being tidy does have an impact on how you look at the world.

According to Princeton University researchers in their 2011 study, objects that are not necessary for a particular task can overwhelm the brain’s visual cortex. This, in turn, prevents a person from paying attention to the tasks at hand and doing efficient work.

Some of us may enjoy the lived-in feels and have peculiar methods of finding our way and things in a room that looks like it’s been hit by a hurricane, but perhaps we should consider establishing a system that can reduce clutter at home. After all, a clean home is supplementary to a clear state of mind. Here are some ways you can achieve that Zen-like state.

clutter free home

Set a daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning schedule

Take out your best floor mop or microfiber dusters to make sure the floors are pristine and polished. Change your sheets and curtains regularly. Dust accumulates over time, so frequent cleanup is necessary. Not only will you get rid of potential allergens, but you will also get to burn calories when you exert effort while cleaning. A win-win solution, don’t you think?


Use labels and photos

Shoe lovers will find it easier to identify their favorite fall boots, trusty everyday sneakers, and their fabulous heels if they take photos of their shoes, label the type and material of the shoe, and stick the photos on the shoebox. Any consummate fashionista will find it easier to plan their OOTDs and mix and match outfits when they can easily picture out what they can wear. Taking photos is not only an exercise in organizing; it is also an exercise in creativity.


Organize with shelves and racks

There is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. Your magazines, bills, and books should have their respective places. Bills should be sorted accordingly so you can avoid missing payments, and books and magazines can be arranged according to genre or date of publication.


Keep only the essentials

You can accumulate lots of things as time goes by. Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of them because of their sentimental value, but when there’s no more space at home, it’s time to let them go, with the same resolution you have when you finally let go of toxic relationships. You can sell clothes online or donate things you no longer need.


Spend wisely

Every day is a constant battle of wills, of what you need versus what you want. If you don’t exercise self-restraint, you will find yourself buying everything in sight. Do you really need that funky sculpture? Does that huge dresser fit in your studio pad? Will it be easy to assemble or disassemble that new exercise equipment? If the answer is no to any of those questions, then you can drop that item and walk away before making a purchase you may regret.


The home is one of the places where you frequently stay, and that’s where you recharge your batteries so you can prepare yourself to work the daily grind. Keeping a home tidy and organized will help you rest well and think well.


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