Frozen Yogurt Bites

My kids love to snack. They’re always asking/begging for something sweet. I love to try and find some treats that are lower in sugar like these no sugar oatmeal cookies and our favorite no bake peanut butter energy balls. Sometimes though, they want sometime cold so we decided to try frozen yogurt bites. They love yogurt and Popsicle and this mixes them together into bite sized treats! If you use Greek yogurt it can be a healthier treat too so that is always a plus!

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To Make Frozen Yogurt Bites:

Small Container of Yogurt (your choice of flavors)

Sprinkles (optional)

Chocolate Chips (optional)

Wax paper

Cookie/Baking Sheet


This is definitely something you can make with kids but you will want to do this first step. Carefully fill a snack sized baggie with yogurt and cut the tip to make a small hole. Add some small drops of yogurt onto a waxed cookie sheet. Now your kids can get in and help! Add in sprinkles or chocolate chips (or both!) to help garnish the drops.


Place your cookie sheet in the freezer for at least 10 minutes. I think I left mine in for 30 to make sure they were totally frozen. The end product is a delicious treat that everyone will love! If you have any leftover then simple toss in a small bowl and place back in the freezer for the next day. We didn’t have any left over! The kids and my husband LOVED this treat!

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Frozen Yogurt Bites make a tasty treat that is healthier for kids

September 8, 2016
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