Fruit Smoothies

We love to make fruit smoothie’s in our house. My kids both love them and I love that I can pack a little extra nutrition in the smoothie. There are so many great recipes you can do and try out. I like to keep things simple. My daughter loves to help chop up the fruit to get things going. We like to chop up a lot of fruit and freeze for a later use. Whatever you like to do, just try some fruit smoothies!

fruit smoothie

Start by washing and chopping. Wash and chop, wash and chop! On this day we had a peach, strawberries, oranges, bananas, greek yogurt. I love blueberries in smoothies too but we didn’t have any.

fruit smoothie

As we are washing and chopping I’m making up snack sized baggies of the fruit and freezing them. In each baggie I put 1/2 a banana, strawberries, and a few peach slices. Freezing them makes them like ice cubes when you use them making your smoothie colder. When we want a smoothie, we just take out a baggie, add our yogurt, juice, and we are good to go.

fruit smoothie 2

I have 2 different kind of blenders, one that was pretty pricey and one that was not. I think there are some good blenders out there so I’m not sold on any one particular brand. For the main part of the smoothie, we use the fruit but I also add in some greek yogurt and some v8 veggie juice. The kids have no idea and it tastes great. I have done some spinach and that is sneaky too 🙂 Aileen Cooks has a great smoothie recipe too, try it out!

fruit smoothie

This little guy was asking for “More peese” and got really upset when it was all gone! We sure do love our fruit smoothies! They would make a great breakfast or good snack too!

Kid Friendly fruit smoothie ideas, perfect for breakfast or a tasty snack

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  1. YUM! I need to start making more smoothies for breakfast! Such a healthy and easy way to do breakfast in a hurry!

    xo Ashley

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