How to Start A Fun Money Envelope System

Fun Money Envelope

The fun money envelope system is the perfect way to teach your kids how to save money for a purposeful thing. Come read more about how it works.

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I developed a little system over the last few years that works for me. I originally heard about it from one of my frugal friends and I thought it was a great idea.

Basically, you save extra money here and there and add it to an envelope. I call mine “The Fun Money Envelope” because I use mine for fun things. I know so many people that use the Dave Ramsey system or another envelope system as well to pay off debt and bills.

Anytime I get a small commission check in the mail or a check for a small job, I add it to the fun money envelope. Whenever the kids want to do something fun like go to a movie or a trampoline park we have to use the money from that envelope. When we run out, that’s it, no more fun. (and it’s really hard to not just go use my credit card!)

I’m trying to teach my kids all about the act of saving money for a purpose. My daughter is 10 and has entered the pre-teen (lord, help me!) stage of doing all these fun things. She wants to go shopping, see a movie, get nails done, and more.

This picture? We were at a jump park and you know those types of parks. My kids LOVE them and they are so much fun but they cost money. This cost $20 for my kids to get in. $20 is a lot of money so that’s why I started the fun money envelope system.

By only being able to use the Fun Money Envelope it’s showing my kids that we have to save our money and if the money is gone then we have to think of a free thing to do!

So, just how do I save my money for the fun money envelope? There are so many ways!!!

Here are some Simple Ways to Add to the Fun Money Envelope:

  • Cash back on credit cards. I know you probably have a few credit cards where when you use them you earn cash back. You can keep track of that and add it to the envelope!


  • Sell your stuff on Facebook. I LOVE selling my stuff on Facebook. When I started using the fun money envelope and my kids were still little, I would save for a monthly cleaning service. It really inspired me to keep my change and dollars to get that cleaning every month. I love a freshly cleaned house!


  • Sell used kids’ clothes. I bet your kids have tons of outgrown clothes/shoes in their closets! (Mine do right now!) Clean them up and take them to a kids’ consignment. I know you don’t get very much money but everything helps!


  • Earn cash back with Ebates! Do you buy stuff online? I know you do!!! Make sure you buy from Ebates and they will send you a check in the mail! This is one of my favorites. It really works!


  • Use coupons and Keep the Money Saved: I use the Ibotta app a lot on my phone. It saves me monthly on odds and ends and the best part? No cutting coupons! I simply cash out ever so often and they send it to PayPal. Cash it and add to the fun money envelope! Use my referral code and you can earn money too!


  • Swagbucks. Now, this does take time daily but you can really earn money by doing little things on your computer. You earn points and trade them in for gift cards. It’s a great way to help pay for Christmas and birthday presents but it can also be added to the fun money envelope!


  • Do odd jobs for neighbors or friends:  Get the kids to help by walking or pet-sitting in your neighborhood. This is a great way for the kids to be involved in earning the money too!

I told you there are so many ways! I also get paid odd jobs by tweeting and sharing about brands I love on social media. I’ll have to share more about this in another post!

How to create a fun money envelope! Simple ways to save up money and use it on fun things

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  1. Love this! My kiddos are always begging for us to go to more fun, expensive places, but do not understand the concept of saving to do those things. This is going to be perfect!!

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