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With kids spending so much time in front of screens these days I love to have activities that are play based. I think creativity and imagination is starting to be a lost art in our children, sadly. One activity my kids always love to do is  PLAY-DOH. I love everything about PLAY-DOH. There are so many benefits a child can learn from playing.


  • Fine Motor:  As children are playing they are building up their muscles and strength in their fingers and hands. This will help them later on as they begin to hold a pencil to write and hold scissors to cut. PLAY-DOH is tactile. They can stretch, bend, cut, fold and much more. All these things help their motor development.
  • Imagination/Creativity: Children can use their imagination to create and play along the way. They are building and problem solving. They create stories and work on social skills.
  • Calming/Soothing: PLAY-DOH is a great thing to help kids relax or calm down. As a teacher, I always had PLAY-DOH for kids that needed some time to regroup or calm down after being upset. It’s a great stress relief and is really good for adults as well.
  • Fun: Kids and adults love PLAY-DOH! It holds their attention, which can be hard to do.

PLAY-DOH has been a fun childhood activity for 60 years now! World PLAY-DOH day will be September 16th. It’s the perfect time to play and have fun with your kids. I can remember playing with it when I was little. I loved all the colors and different sets you could mix and match. In celebration of it’s upcoming anniversary, PLAY-DOH  introduced new town sets and figures for kids to create and story tell while using their imagination.


PLAY-DOH town includes different play sets like a ice cream parlor, pet shop, and fire station. Children can create their own town with the fun characters and accessories. My kids loved adding crazy hair to the characters and making ice cream cones. The colors are bright and fun to mix. The pet shop was a hit with my kids also. They both loved pretending it was a real pet shop with customers and pets. Making the bunny have crazy ears was a blast! I really loved watching my 3 year old. He was really into making the car make noises and making the people talk. It was so neat to watch and play along myself!

Reasons why you should be letting your kids play! #PlayDohTown #ad #IC

PLAY-DOH is something we will continue to do during the hot summer days. It’s even great to do on rainy days or snowy days. Perfect for any season! Do your kids play?

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  1. My kids love play doh! It’s one of those things I can set out and know they will happily play together happily for at least 30 minutes. Bring on the mini mom vacation!

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