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Have you been working on your gift list? I know that kids can sometimes be challenging to buy for so I thought I’d share of my ideas here that work for all ages of kids. See my list of our favorite toys from last year. I know sometimes grandparents and aunts/uncles need some advice on what to the kids on their list so here are some gift ideas that won’t cost a fortune and you can get off Amazon!


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Boogie Board: This is such a fun and cheaper gift idea that is perfect for boys or girls. It’s like a reusable sketch pad that you can erase anytime and start fresh. These are great for road trips and/or stocking stuffers! They are small so they can ship well and kids of all ages will love it! Moms will love that these don’t make a mess and they will be used for all sorts of things. Hurry, this sale price is going fast!


Fire Tablet: Can you even believe low prices on these?? These make great gifts for older kids. They can read books, watch tv shows, and play games. Perfect for school aged kids!


Fitness Watch: These are not just for adults! My daughter got a similar style for her bday this year (age 9) and it was her favorite present! It keeps time, steps, sleep, and more. There are so many great styles and versions for any aged kids, even pre-schoolers.


Cash Register: This has been a great gift over the years for both my kids. It started as my daughters but now my 3 year old loves it. (My 9 year old still likes it!) A great way to learn money and just have fun buying things.


Magformers: I’ve shared info on these before but they are still a great gift idea. We have received a few more sets now and my kids have a great time putting things together and making things. Kids can use imagination and there is a great book with ideas on things to make.



Osmo Starter Kit: This is a larger gift idea but it such a good one! The Osmo is an award winning hands on game system that connects to your IPad. It’s great for ages 5-12 and now has several more add-ons and new games this year. We used this with my students last year and they loved it!


Did you find something here that will work for a child on your list? Spread the word on these great ideas! What’s on your list for gift ideas for kids?

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Great gift ideas for boys and girls for any holiday!

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