Green Day Snack

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I thought it would be fun to make an all green snack. Here’s how we made our green day snack with muffin tins!

My kids LOVE snacks and especially our color snacks! I’ve made several now and we had fun shopping for all green things. Check out Orange snacks, Red snacks, and our Easter egg snack idea!

I found it a little harder this time around. It seems like the green foods are mostly veggies! My kids LOVE salad so it would be fun to have a salad and green beans as the foods. They’re not too big on broccoli yet 🙂

I used dill pickles, key lime yogurt, lucky charms, celery/PB, and green apples for this! I had a green pepper ready too but we saved that for later. I used the cereal 2X because they were begging for it. We don’t normally have the sugary cereal so this was a treat! But if you had broccoli, snap peas, and green peppers dipped in ranch dressing that would be fun too.

Making our green day snack was fun and so simple. It’s a great way to teach colors with younger ones and even introduce them to new foods and flavors. I’ve started doing some learning time with my youngest when we do these. Today we practiced spelling the letters of GREEN and even worked on some tracing letters.  There are so many things you can do!

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day? It happens to be my husband’s birthday (great birthday, right? ), so we always wear tons of green and celebrate his special day with him!

Celebrate Green Day with these green foods in muffin tins! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day

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