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groupon2This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

As a parent, I’m always interested in finding fun things to do around town.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the simplicity of daily life in my neighborhood.  We are generally very content to visit the same shops and restaurants down the street, with their safe predictability.  Having said that, it would be such a shame if we never stepped outside of our suburban bubble and tried some new activities or places!

My kids are super excited if I mention that we’re going somewhere new.  They call it a “special outing” and consider it a great adventure.  “Adventure” in our house, by the way, doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than a new restaurant, or maybe a one night stay-cation at a hotel.  But to our kids…it’s awesome.  I totally get it, because when my husband and I need a date night, there’s something special about avoiding our typical family stops, and instead trying something new.

Enter GROUPON!  Because “special outings” aren’t always in the budget!

Groupon deals are perfect for a change of pace.  Try something new, and save money doing it!  Sporting events, movie theaters, concerts, restaurants, theater performances, museums, aquariums, salons…  You name it, they’ve probably got it.

I recently took advantage of a really simple deal, and my family loved it.  We went to a movie at Studio Movie Grill, and only paid $5 per ticket!  (That’s unheard of these days for a mainstream movie theater.)  How much fun is it to order an appetizer, salad, chicken entree or pizza (and an adult beverage, maybe??) while watching a movie at the theater?!  Way more fun than another Netflix movie at home, right?  You’ve gotta change it up once in awhile.

Groupon will break it down for you locally.  Snagging a great deal is a great excuse to step outside of the routine and find some new things to do.

Happy Groupon-ing!


August 8, 2016
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