Banana Oatmeal Cookies {Healthy Cookies}

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These banana oatmeal cookies are so good, you won’t believe that they are actually low in calories. You might even call them healthy cookies?! 
 These banana oatmeal cookies are so good and only take 3 things! You won't believe that they have no added sugar, you could even call them 'healthy cookies'!

I found a new ‘healthy’ cookie that we all like! We all liked it SO much that they were gone within 24 hours!  I have ‘healthy’ marked like that because really no cookie is healthy, but this is pretty close! No flour, no eggs, no extra sugar…we call that healthy!

What You Need:
2-3 rotten bananas
1 cup of oats
dark chocolate chips

That’s it! I told you it was easy!


Preheat oven to 350. In a large bowl add the oatmeal and bananas. Mix together until it forms a good mixture. I used a fork to break up the bananas.  Add in the chocolate chips, or even dried cranberries would probably be good too. I used semi-sweet chips. Add a scoop in a spoon and place on a cookie sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes! Cool on a baking rack. This made 12-14 small cookies.

And I’m telling you they were GONE fast! They were so good! ALL of us liked them! I saw how fast they were going and quickly packed up 3 for my daughter’s after school snack the next day. They had just the right flavor and the oatmeal filled you up! These would be great for breakfasts on the go or in school lunches!

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15 Replies to “Banana Oatmeal Cookies {Healthy Cookies}”

  1. Something I need to try, we love cookies but I'm always looking for healthier options. I love that this is just 3 ingredients! Thanks for the recipe, sharing this on my blog's FB page tonight. 🙂

  2. I have to give this a try. I like the no sugar added part. I assume it's quick oats instead of old fashioned rolled oats. I'm thinking that just because of the small amount of moisture from the banana, but maybe it's doesn't matter. Any idea?
    Thanks for sharing, I will give try it but I only have old fashion rolled oats.

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