Healthy Food Substitutes

Pinterest sent me an email today with some fantastic tips to make your recipes healthier —  without sacrificing flavor. Did you know you can use black beans instead of flour? Applesauce for butter?  Chia seeds for eggs?  Here are a few smart swaps for everyday ingredients – also known as “baking hacks” – that will change the way you think about cooking.
Some changes are easier to make than others… For example, using nuts in a salad instead of croutons, or plain yogurt on your tacos instead of sour cream.  Scan these lists and see which substitutes seem most practical for your family.  Then, make an effort to incorporate them into your cooking this year. published 83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions, a lengthy list of clever recipe alternatives.  With detailed descriptions and pictures, I learned a lot from this. They share smarter carb choices, healthier proteins and sweet baking swaps.

My Natural Family has 20 Unique Healthy Food Alternatives. Very unique…. For example, did you know you can substitute black bean puree for white flour?  Other alternatives offered on the site are less surprising, but nonetheless helpful, such as swapping evaporated milk for heavy whipping cream.  The author also includes some sample recipes that incorporate the recommended alternatives.  (carrot cake, for one!)

You’ve probably heard that refined sugar is potentially very detrimental to your health. Body Unburdened offers 6 All Natural Sugar Substitutes, such as molasses and coconut sugar.  The fantastic surprise about these sugar alternatives is the added nutrition and health benefits they offer.  Refined sugar cannot compete with that!

 Healthy Substitutes ideas for when you are cooking

Remember, small changes add up, and could make your family healthier this year!

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  1. I love trying out new substitutions-especially the greek yogurt! I always forget about the applesauce-I definitely need to incorporate that one some more!

  2. This is a great post which shows we can still enjoy our favourites with a bit of tweaking. I’ve just written a post about cutting back on sugar so your substitutes fits nicely with that. #FoodandFitnessFriday

  3. Thanks for re-posting! I am always trying to find some healthy substitutions! In fact I was just looking at Trisha’s loaded potato salad that was posted on #FoodandFitnessFriday and wondering how I could do a lighter version. Thanks as always for stopping by #FoodandFitnessFriday!

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