Holiday Sweet Treats

By now you’re fully deep into holiday happenings and you might need to hit the ‘easy’ button. I’m here to help you out with that! Today I’ll share 3 easy holiday sweet treats that you can whip up in no time

First up is something I found online while pinning away. No Bake Chocolate Berry Balls  This is  a Six Sisters Stuff recipe so you know they are good!!

Not only are they delish but they are very easy too!
In a microwavable safe bowl melt 1 cup of white choc chips and 1 cup of milk choc chips. (do increments of 30 seconds) When melted, stir in 1 and 1/2 cups of rice crispy cereal and 3/4 cup of dried Cranberries, and 1/3 cup of slivered almonds. Drop on wax paper and let set 1-2 hours.

These are kid friendly and husband friendly too 🙂


Peppermint Fudge! I’ve shared this before but in case you missed it. it’s super easy too! The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman. Love her 🙂 Break up some peppermints into fine pieces. 1-2 candy canes. Melt 3 cups of chocolate chips  and 1 can of sweet and condensed milk in the microwave in increments of 30 seconds. Stir, stir, stir! Pour mixture into a 8X8 sprayed dish. Add broken mints on top. Let set for 2 hours in the fridge. After 2 hours cut into tiny chunks. That’s it!

Last is something I’ve been making for years and years on holidays. It has some different names but I always called them Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.  Get some slice and bake peanut butter dough and add slice to fill up a mini-muffin tin. Bake as directed. While they are baking unwrap some recess pb cups. As soon as the cookies come out of the oven then put a PB cup in each one smashing it down.


None of these sweet treats are healthy but hey, it’s the holidays!



December 24, 2014
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