How to Host a Kid’s Birthday Party for Less than $100

If you’re a parent of kids at any age then you know that birthday parties can be very expensive. Here in Dallas, we have tons of great places to host an awesome party, but they come at a price. When we started planning my son’s 4th birthday party I decided to keep it simple and cheap (under $100). Here’s what I did to host a cheap birthday party!

Hosting a cheap birthday party can be fun! After getting my newest Oriental Trading catalog in the mail I let my little guy flip through the pages and decide on the theme. He quickly chose Minions. He’s all obsessed lately with Minions and lucky for me, there were tons of minions around! Oriental Trading has all your party goods at such a low price! They can really help you get everything you need for a great price. You can get a big package of everything including table decor or get individual items. I was thrilled to see the minion supplies! I got some table decor, goodie bags, plates/napkins, and a pinata for the party.

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How to Host a Kid's party for less than $100! Save your money and stay on budget.


I could have totally made my own cupcakes and really saved money but I opted to buy at a local bakery. This saved me time and effort. If I had made them I would have really come in under $100.


When planning a simple birthday party on a budget you need a free or nearly free venue. I have done parties at my house for the younger crew and it’s worked great but this time I opted for a park party. A park party is fabulous because it keeps the kids entertained and happy and will totally wear them out! You also have free entertainment with the playground or park area. We brought some balls, bubbles, and chalk and we were set!


I did buy some prepackaged snacks and drinks. I find this to be really easy, especially for the younger crowd. They can grab pretzels or chips and be satisfied. Not too many snacks were eaten because the kids were too busy playing but I was glad to have some out for any kids. I’ve supplied lunch for parties before and that’s nice too but I kept this one very simple with just cake and snacks.

Goodie Bags:

This is such a debate and I feel like goodie bags have totally gotten out of control. Why should I be stressing about what I’m giving your child as a thank-you for coming to my child’s party?? Every party we go to they give goodie bags so I felt the stress that I needed to as well. I kept it very simple and we had a pinata. I put in enough treats for every child to get 3-4 things and then handed each a goodie bag. As the pinata broke and the treats fell, the kids collected the treats and that was their goodie bag to go home 🙂 It was full of candy and stickers but very easy on my part.

Totals for Each:

Venue: FREE (playground)

Party Decor: Oriental Trading $40ish

Cupcakes: $20

Snacks: $40 included treats for the pinata

Total: $100

Now you can host a cheaper but fun birthday party too for $100 or less! Save your money on those high dollar places and have a simple party at the park or your house.

Oriental Trading provided me with some party supplies for this party. I included the amount in the total of what I would have spent there. Thanks to Oriental Trading for helping me throw a fun party!

April 19, 2017
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