How to Set Up a Fidget Break Box

We all know that fidgets became all the rage last year, but did you know that fidgets have been around for several years? Actually, fidgets are not meant to be toys. If they are used correctly, fidgets can help all types of learners. I used a fidget break box in my classroom for my students for several years.  Setting up a  fidget break box is really easy and works very well (when used correctly!)

Check out this video I made show how to set one up.


Benefits of Using Fidgets with Kids:

  • A quiet way to reduce stress
  • Can help redirect learning and provide focus for students
  • Provides a sensory break from the norm and gives students a chance to regroup
  • Moving children will increase their alertness and perform better in class
  • Works well for children on a work/reward system


Fidget breaks can be very beneficial to all types of learners. Here's how to set up a simple fidget break box to use with students.

Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing me with fidgets to use for this post. Be sure and check them out for all of your fidget and spinner needs! 


July 20, 2017
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