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Hyundai Hope on Wheels

Thank you, Hyundai Hope, on Wheels for sponsoring this post and helping to raise money to #endchildchoodcancer. 

Being a Mom of 2 young kids something I hope and pray I never ever have to deal with is pediatric cancer. The sad reality is that every 36 minutes a child in the U.S is diagnosed with cancer. Those are unbelieve statistics that are so heartbreaking and unimaginable. With great organizations like Hyundai Hope on Wheels, these children and their families have hope.

This week I was able to attend the Hope on Wheels handprint ceremony and check presentation in Dallas. It was such an honor to see and hear about this amazing organization and all that it is doing to help fight against pediatric cancer. The stories that were told were heartbreaking, but the faces there were filled with pure hope.

Hope on Wheels dinner

In 1998, Hyundai and its dealers joined together to raise money for pediatric cancer. The goal of the nonprofit organization is to fund research and create awareness for childhood cancer. For every new car that is sold, a donation is made.  So far they have donated over $130 million dollars!!! Isn’t that amazing?!!!

Hope on Wheels dinner

Why did they choose pediatric cancer? Hyundai believes that kids deserve the opportunity to grow and play in a world that is free of cancer for kids. Sadly, one in every five children diagnosed with cancer in the U.S will not survive. Pediatric cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death for children in the United States. Hyundai Hope on Wheels has made a goal to fund pediatric cancer research to try and create new discoveries to increase the survival rates.

hope on wheels

At the celebration dinner, these doctors were awarded grant money:

Hyundai Scholar Hope Grant ($250,000)
– Dr. Christopher Porter, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
– Dr. Julie Wolfson, University of Alabama – Birmingham
Hyundai Young Investigator  Grant ($150,000)
– Dr. Kathryn Dickerson, UT Southwestern Children’s Medical Center Foundation
– Dr. Wendy Allen-Rhoades, Texas Children’s Hospital
Hope on Wheels
Music artist Luke Wade (from the Voice) performed some songs for everyone and did a great job! The night ended with the handprint ceremony.
Hope on wheels

It was amazing to see and hear the stories of hope and survival. The doctors did a panel interview and I loved hearing their insight. They all stressed how hard it was when parents ask what they could have done differently or if they did something to cause this. One doctor said she does everything in her power to help her patients grow up to become adults. I admire them so much. What amazing jobs they have!

For me, it put so much into perspective. I am so lucky and thankful for 2 healthy children. I am also so thankful for such a wonderful organization like Hyundai Hope on Wheels! I can’t wait to see what the future holds and all the discoveries that are made from the doctors’ research!

September 29, 2017
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