If I Had My Own Reality Show

Between Kimye’s prownrealityshowegnancy announcement, Caitlin Jenner’s big debut, and Kylie’s lip challenge, I have had enough of this “famous” family! Every detail of their lives is being forced down my throat every single day.  The best part is that breaking news about them is published right alongside actual important world news.  What did North wear today?  What will Kim’s pregnancy style be this time around?  Did Khloe lose a pound, or gain a pound this week?  Did Kendall sneeze today??

Good grief.  How did this happen?  Why is everyone so obsessed with this family?

Clearly they actively work at exploiting themselves every single day, and they’re willing to put it all out there – ALL of it – to earn money.  They have successfully seduced America.   I can’t decide if I’m totally appalled, or jealous.

What if I had my own reality show?  Isn’t everyone interested in watching the comings and goings of a typical housewife living in suburbia?

They could witness the hum-drum conversations my husband and I have over dinner.  And watch me figure out this whole 3 kids thing.  The cameras could follow me around as I model the latest fashions from Target and prepare a chicken and rice casserole for dinner.  Basically it would be like “The Real Housewives” franchise, only without the millions of dollars, personal chef and botox injections.

It would be like this Mom Blog…only live!  I think we should all get ourselves GoPro cameras, strap them on and go about our day.  Edit the footage down to the best blog-esque material, and share it online.  Personally I would love to watch other REAL Moms handle their kids’ tantrums, organize their homes and argue with their husbands. Because it’s the honest stuff that we love the most.  We all yearn for someone to identify with…for encouragement more than anything.  “Oh look, that Mom is wearing yoga pants and a messy pony tail, too!”  “Oh good, I’m not the only one who is short-fused with my husband sometimes.”

I think that’s what we all love about reality TV.  It’s like spying on another family.

If there was a camera crew in my house right now it would be so unbelievably boring!  But give us a few hours…things are bound to get interesting.  Later I’ll be juggling elementary school carpool, grocery shopping with 3 kids and convincing my 4 year old that swimming lessons are fun (not scary).  That’s entertaining, no?

Maybe not.  I’ll just stick to blogging.


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  1. I would love a REAL show on REAL moms! Sadly it’s probably pretty boring compared to all the smuck on tv that is made up but pretending to be real life.

    Cameras would see me trying to get 50,000 things done from 6 am -7:25 am when I HAVE to walk out the door! It’s the craziest time of day for me 🙂

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