Living in the Judgement-Free Zone

judgement free

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Planet Fitness. 

Happy New Years! With a new year comes new beginnings. Some people like to make goals or share words for their new year. How about living judgment-free? Wouldn’t that be nice if more people thought this way?

Last June, a new puppy joined our family. Lucky has grown to become not just a dog, but a beloved family member to us. Over the months we’ve learned some lessons of what it takes to be a dog owner but more importantly, all that dogs have to offer.

Even though he’s still considered a ‘puppy’ I know he’s a pretty smart dog. He loves to be around people (my kids included) and wants love and attention at all times.  He’s become a true family member and one that we are learning from.

3 Things We’ve Learned From Having a Dog

Responsibility: A dog adds a new living, breathing thing into your house. They need lots of things including walks, food, and water.

A Friend for Life: Dogs can be there for you even when you are having a rough day.  When you’re feeling down just petting Lucky or taking him for a walk makes us feel better.

Judgement-Free: Dogs don’t judge, they just love us. I know that no matter what he’s going to be there for me and doesn’t judge me or my actions.

judgement free

Living a judgment-free life is a new goal of mine in 2018. I’m making some new health goals for myself and for my family. What better time than to take advantage of January new membership sale at Planet Fitness?! It’s known as the Judgement Free Zone® for it’s welcoming and hassle-free environment designed to make everyone feel comfortable.

Right now, new members can join any location from January 1 – 10 for just $1 down (enrollment fee) and $10 a month thereafter.  Find a club near you. 

living judgement free

Here are some other great reasons to check out Planet Fitness:

  • Many clubs are open 24/7
  • All memberships include free fitness training
  • Cool benefits including fully equipped locker rooms and flat-screen TVs.
  • Connect and support other members with “Planet of  Triumphs” (an online community to share stories and encouragement) just for Planet Fitness members.

A new year is a perfect time to make some better choices and live a judgment-free life. What are you waiting for?

January 3, 2018
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  • Reply Aileen

    I have heard really good things about Planet Fitness. I need to look into it this year!

    January 5, 2018 at 6:52 pm
  • Reply Brianna

    Love this idea for a resolution!! I like resolutions like this where it’s something a bit more abstract, that I can just continue to work on in general, as a lifestyle, rather than accomplish once and it’s done.

    January 8, 2018 at 7:28 pm
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