My Kids Favorite Portable Snack

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This post is sponsored by on behalf of Tree Top. Opinions are mine. 

We’ve been on the road a lot this summer. The farthest we went was 2 hours east to a lake but it seems like on a daily basis we are going somewhere for my daughter. She’s very involved with sports and activities so that means we are in the car a lot! Something about being in the car always makes my kids hungry so I have to have something that is portable and not messy. As we are on the go this summer,  Tree Top applesauce pouches are my kids’ favorite portable snack!

Over the years we’ve been on countless road trips. Several times a year we were traveling up north to visit extended family. I feel like I’ve become pretty good now at packing for my kids and their car essentials. One of the things I have to really plan and think about is the snacks.  Road trips and car rides make my kids hungry but I don’t want spills and messes all over my seats! That’s why this Mom loves Tree Top portable applesauce.

Here are some other reasons to make this your kid’s summer snack:

  • Made with 100% USA apples from our growers’ local orchards
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Available in a variety of flavors
  • A no mess snack made with pure fruit and nothing artificial.

One our biggest car rides lately is going to and from the summer sports. My daughter is playing soccer and basketball this summer season so we are going from soccer fields to basketball courts and sometimes we do both in 1 day! Little brother is riding around with us and I love that I can keep the portable snacks handy for him and keep him satisfied. I love that they can go in backpacks or my purse to and from events. They are a very easy grab and go snack. This makes it very easy on me and I don’t have to worry about anyone giving me the “I’m Hungry” cry! (Moms, I know you’ve heard the “I’m Hungry” cry before!)

Not only are they great in the car but they are great for sports events or practices too. I don’t have to worry about big messes or crumbs everywhere and I love that they are getting pure fruit with this snack! I can also throw some in my pool bag and they are perfect for an after swim snack!

The best portable snack for kids this summer! #spon #NoMessInTexas @TreeTopInc

What are your kids’ favorite portable snacks?

July 10, 2017
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